Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From space what can be seen on Earth

Human instinct to create something which can bring in name and fame simultaneously is the desire which has been haunting since birth. This desire has resulted in creation of beautiful buildings, big projects, etc which can stay in this mortal world even when the person has left for the other world.

Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar, Great Wall of China, Pyramids, etc are few of the monuments which have been tell tail of the greatness of the people who got them made.

Recently one thing was visible from space and it was a word Hamad that could be seen in the islands of Abu Dubai. This is the name of a Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan a member of the Abu Dhabi’s ruling family, which has been written on the sandy surface of an Al Futaisi Island which belongs to him. The dimensions of this text are one kilometer to three kilometers.
Hamad as seen from space
It is not know when it was written and why it was written but it was very surprising that these letters could be seen from the space and is only other man-made thing after the Great Wall of China which is easily visible from space.

Hamad has an automobile museum which stores 200 cars having Mercedes 500 SELs all creating a rainbow. He recently purchased the most expensive car in the world for $2.7 million.

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