Monday, October 31, 2011

Wife sharing in the name of religion

This post is related to the heinous crime of Wife Sharing among the family male, giving plea that it is right and our religion permits it. This is a crime against humanity and should be considered to be serious. None of the women organisation is raising voice against this social crime, which is equivalent to rape.

Males have been the sole manipulators of the religion in their own way. In most of the religions of the world females are considered to be the use and throw objects.

This is real state of female worldwide (courtesy: artist)
In India females are having lot of respect as they are look alike to the many Goddess, Lakshmi, Parvati, Sita, Vaishno Devi, Kali Mata, etc. according to Hindu religion. But another great epic of the Hindu religion is Mahabharata. In this epic happens to be a character of Dropadhi who was said to have been married to the Pandavas (Five brothers). She had to play the role of wife of all the five Pandavas.

But, in the present age of Science and technology, where the world is trending at a jet pace, if we come across any incident of similar notion, we term it as ‘Wife Sharing’. Wife swapping is western culture, where in the friends exchanges their wives for sexual pleasure, which happens to be a crime against humanity and God. No matter the western world is bragging of providing status to females, but one can read between lines and surely understand the statue given to females by the powerful western world.

A similar incident was reported by Reuters, which made me to write this post, from the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh, India. Munni was married to a family of three brothers. Her in-laws and her husband forced her to share herself with the two bothers of her wedded husband and bear children for them. On refusing to their sometimes untimely advances led to her beating. At one such occasion she was doused in kerosene and tried to be burnt her alive. If she is the only one to substitute to the desires of the three males then how come they tried to burn her?

When asked for such an act the plea was given, “The brothers cannot find brides for themselves as there is a decline in the female birth rate, so they have to use this tool which is authenticated religiously”. In Baghpat district the sexratio is 837 women to every 1,000 men, which is the least in India.

This area of Uttar Pradesh state is the worst hit in the falling sex-ratio. Number of illegal abortion clinics and quacks are ruling this area that help the male dominated culture and abort the unwanted girl child.

Female organisations are of no use to eradicate this problem from this area. The falling sex ration is the main reason why this area is prone to rape, human trafficking, wife sharing, female feticide, etc. Females are being trafficked to this area from the states like Jharkhand and West Bengal at the cost of Rs. 15,000 only.

All is said and done, but the urge for a male child is making the protector (parents) into murderer.


  1. Haryana and Rajasthan are specially two States where female foeticide are always high and thats reason the male-female ratio is disturbing factor.

    First the families of these areas forget one basic fact without female their Vansh will end. If there is no female then how male are going to reproduce male child. For male child too they need a female.

    Hindu Law does not recognise bigamy and it is law of Land for the present. Local tradition can not overrule Law of the land.

  2. Nadeem, It is the most bitter but true social event inspired from western countries by so called elite people who wants to seduce female without investing money every night. Male hookers are working in most of the metros in India as do females too! It is shameful that so called social events are organized by people. We are double standard social human beings, on one part we worship women in the form of goddess Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi, Maa Saraswati and Maa Ganga and on other hand play with females and spoil their modesty. In India as you have mentioned this culture has been highlighted in Mahabharata. I am ashamed on writing this piece but the truth is JIS MULK KI SARPARASTI AURATO K HATH MAI HO WAHAN EK AURAT KITNI LACHAR AUR BEBAS HAI YE AAP KHUD HI SOCH SAKTE HAI!

  3. People who practise female infanticide are similar to those Arabs during the time of ignorance who used to bury their daughters alive, such people should be subjected to capital punishment!!