Monday, April 16, 2012

Voting is an important duty

This blog is about a blind person who was traveling alone in order to perform his duty to cast his vote in the Municipal Elections in Delhi.

It was early morning 15 April 2012 the day when Delhites were busy in casting votes for the Municipal Elections and the roads were less pollution free in respect of smoke and noise. I have just entered my home city from a tour, waiting on the bus stop at Prahlad Pur bus stop in order to reach my destination.

An elderly man was trying to get down from the low floor new buses which the DTC has started in Delhi on the eve of coming of Commonwealth Games-the costliest games ever held due to lot of scams. When I saw the stick in the hand of the descending elderly person I rushed toward him to help him. The person who descended from the bus was as elderly person with grey hair, wearing white kurta pyjama, was blind. I asked if I could help him and when he responded to my request made me feel that the rest of the whole world is blind even though they have virtual eyes to see. He humbly said, “I have to cast my vote and kindly direct to the voting booth”. I took him to the nearby Prahladpur (Pul) Police Station as I was not the resident of that area and tried to seek help from the cops.
Madan Lal a blind voter of Delhi in the Municipal Election

I communicated the desire of this blind person who is Madan Lal son of Devi Lal aged 54 years. The duty officer Head Constable Sunder Singh promptly helped me and took the Voter Identity Card of Madan Lal to the reader of the SHO. It was the joint effort of Gajinder Singh and Sunder Singh (HC) that Madan Lal was able to cast his vote at the voting center no 131 of ward no 198.

Prahladpur (Pul) Police Station

Voting is our right and it is a duty which we all should perform to make our countries a better place to live. Madan Lal has been an inspiration for me in this regard but the reason to pen this blog is to make people aware about the importance of casting of vote. When he being blind can have a vision that voting is a duty and he must perform it then why not the people who are more educated than Madan Lal consider this fact, even when they have no dependency for traveling as they are not blind.

I salute to the guts and faith of Madan Lal who is in reality an Aware and Enlightened citizen of India.

It is my humble request to the authorities of the Election Commission to appreciate the gesture of Madan Lal and award him likely.

On the other hand the Police Personal who made the efforts in order to help Madan Lal cast his vote should be rewarded like for they have kept the promise of Delhi Police, "With you for you always". 



  1. I too was not much aware of casting votes. But the passion for casting vote of the old man has really inspired me a lot. Nadeem sir, thanks for the real story offered up to know the importance of casting votes through the responsible blind old man.

  2. Dear Nadeem,Ihave gone through your blog twice and had given it a serious thought that we the citizen of india should be proud of the right to vote as we have been given the authority to decide the rulars, but unfortunately we forgot our duties. the virus of corruption has entered so badly in our mind and soul that we do not think that being indian our first right is to vote .I have great regards for mr.madan lal and lakhs of other old age citizens of our country who perform there duties well infact they are no blind as they can see the future but infact WE ARE BLIND thus these people are EYE OPENERS so I SALUTE THEM THIER SENTIMENTS AND AFFECTION FOR THE COUNTRY.