Sunday, June 10, 2012

Affect of TV on children

This blog is about the negative impact of TV shows on the tender brains of the children.

TV is becoming the favourite for all; be it of any age the people like to sit in front of this idiot box and waste their time.

The most popular time to view TV shows it the prime time which is from 8 pm to 11 pm. There were days when the programs on TV were for the whole family but the present days TV shows are just not for the whole family to sit and enjoy.

The trend is changing at a rapid pace is the argument regarding the culture when it comes to discussion with the so called socialist and modern people. Does change advocates to the messing of the cultural or the ethical value of which we are proud and the same are respected.

Today the daily soaps which are been telecasted in the name of changing the value of women have now been turned a closed eye. Ekhta Kapoor’s serials which have been female magnet are not having all the power to attract the same sex any more; the corruption of the culture which has been done is an irreparable loss to the society in the name of getting honour for the female folks through this scheme of entertainment.

Nowadays there is a new trend to be seen in India TV system. The prime time is being captured by the serials which are based on crime. To avoid problems the industry people camouflage it to a term of detective serials but is it the reality? The children are watching all the crime infested serials in the tender ages. This has to be taken care off today if we want our future to be safe and healthy.

The serials like CID and Crime Petrol should be telecasted in the late night series, which are nowadays being telecasted on Friday and Saturday at 10 pm and 11 pm respectively. These serials are crime related and thus the same should be aired late at night. On Fridays and Saturdays the children are quiet awake till late night and thus they are getting prone to the various criminal activities which they should not at their tender ages.

The Telecommunication Minister should monitor this in the interest of the future of our country.

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  1. Media should deliver good contribution. If they show something like rape scenes it make great impact on children mind. Small Children do what they see.