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Blame the law or the people for incident in US or India

Gun law in US and Rape law in India require change. Who to be blamed for present situation. Is it the people who are responsible directly or the political system which is all the reason for hue and cry? This article is an analysis of the reasons responsible of the downfall in the ethical values and all the remorse within the people.

The super power of the world is now carrying a banner–Anti Guns–after much unrest has been created by the same.

India where Goddesses are being worshiped and most of the females are the Chief Minister in many states is carrying the banner—Stop Rape.

Isn’t is ironical that the two countries who’s power is hidden in the elements of the anti banner campaign–The US has been the largest manufacturer of arms and ammunition– is going against it. Whereas, India is a land of Devi (Goddesses), where rape a crime as simple as having peanuts.

Who is responsible for the situation in which we have landed? Is it the political system or the education system, the carefree parents or the society, the media or, the entertainment industry, or the most effective and the youngest feature Internet?

In the US city Connecticut horrifying shooting took lives of 27 people and then the uproar started to ban guns. Why it was not called for earlier? Are the policy makers blind folded to foresee what will be the outcome of free arms licenses?

It is strange to note that the Taxpayers in US are subsidizing the manufacturers of assault rifles which is the sole lethal weapon is mass killings. According to the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, examination of tax records proves that 5 companies which are into manufacturing semiautomatic rifles have received $19 million in tax breaks. Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Oklahoma are the states of US which are providing subsidies since 2003. In a program initiated by the then governor Angus King–now state’s U.S. elected Senator–one of such law breaks went to Smith & Wesson factory in Maine.

On 16 December 2012, a 23 year old girl was gang-raped in a moving bus in Delhi. There is hue and cry all over the country regarding this episode. The victim was assaulted by 6 men and this all resulted in worst medical case ever seen by the doctors. Her intestines were operated upon; she was taken to Singapore for further treatment but in vain. The unrest in the people of India exploded which is not particularly because of this Delhi gang-rape but it is amalgamative mixture of many other factors which accumulated here. The rising prices, unemployment, corruption, poor civic amenities, the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, etc epicenter here and the people came on roads. The agitation in demand to change the law of rape is still on, wait and watch what the government does when it is free from inflating all the prices in railway fare, diesel price, etc in the backdrop when the people are busy agitating for safer cities for females.   

Reason to the problem:
I was reading somewhere that the British government is concerned about the increase in the illegitimate birthrate. Where the problem started! In the late twentieth century the mothers were taking their daughters to physiatrist for consultation if she was not going on date. This gave the rise to the free relationship between a male and female and with the span of time the then problem which was not a big one, has become a curse for the society. No matter the critic may brag anything that I am old fashioned but sorry illegitimate relation is not my part of cake rather all over the world people will agree to this.

In this case the parents are to be held responsible to corrupt the society at large. Rather not only in this case but in most of the cases the parents and the educational institutions are responsible. The society of present is the parents and teachers and the society of tomorrow are the present day kids.

In relation to the Delhi Gang-rape there is a strange report that 274 applications for gun license has been received by the Delhi police, wherein 1200 telephone calls have been in the concerned office since 18 December 2012. For what? This is the misuse of facilities. Will every girl in Delhi carry pistol, and raped on the same gunpoint! In the filing of application the reason was that there is threat to honour of female on the roads of Delhi thus the parents demanded that if the police are not ready to issue gun license on this reason then they should give in writing that the girls were indeed safe on Delhi roads. In this case also the parents are helping their respective children to follow the line of anger, but they cannot control the timing of their children as they are themselves busy in minting money for a bright future of their children without caring about the ethical values which are evaporating rapidly.

Media, TV, Cinema, etc are the main centers which is responsible for spoiling the society at large. Cinema industry is making films which are bold and are sold readily and this is only being used merely for commercial purpose which is increasing in many folds. The movies are mostly based on crime and unethical values. The actresses are wearing skimpy dresses, which is aped by the commoners and they become center of attraction. Rape sequences are much required in a film to just slightly keep aloof from an X-rated and a porn film. The males understand that rape is an easy crime and like in the films the villains are free after committing it, same will be their luck too, which is just right in the case of the rapist but entirely different in the cases of rape victim. In the film the hero marries the rape victim but in the real life which is much different to reel life no one comes forward to help the rape victim. Likewise, when the Delhi gang-rape victim was lying on the road of Delhi naked and bleeding none came to her rescue there, leave aside to marry a rape victim.

TV an idiot box present in every house. Programs are just about the family politics which is said to be entertainment for the present generation. The most popular aped program is BIGBOSS. In BIGBOSS’s last year episode Sunny Leone was invited and she was made the part of the team at the house of BIGBOSS. None opposed that she is a porn star and this will have a negative impact on our children. Instead of condemning it the media was popularizing the same, without forecasting the future. Just imagine tomorrow your daughter says, that she wants to become a porn star, you may reason why, to which she might give you the example of Sunny who was not only allowed in the BIGBOSS but soon was casted in a film JISM-2 to further infest the society with nudity and vulgarity which is part of fashion. Even the print media is printing pictures of this female as showing that popularity is important rather than how you become popular is worthless.

What is the Censor Board doing in India? I am not concerned about the censorship around the globe, but in India where I am residing it is most required to keep a vigil on the film and programs being made in the name of entertainment. Nowadays the item numbers are must in the movies to attract the crowed. Where the item girl is performing dance with vulgar movements that too in low dresses. This is being highly popularized and every second movie being produced at Bollywood is using this gimmick for fast buck. When the distributors are invited for the distribution of the film, their first questions are; does it has a rape scene or a bold bedroom scene, does it has a item number, who is the actress, what is the dress code of the actress, etc. If a film is mixture of all the question in a positive way it is to fetch the highest bid in the auction for the film distribution. This is how our system is getting corrupted and the censor board is just for the name sake.

Internet is the major source of negative aspect as the tender brains are attracted towards the illicit material which is easy available online. No parents are installing jammers in their home PCs to prevent the children from access to these sites. Nowadays, new threat in emerging that the children are committing suicides through internet, which is serious in nature. In Japan every year there is an increase in the suicides cases among the younger generation. This problem is a dormant volcano which may erupt any day as we are not aware as to how many cases of this nature are taking place in India.

In short we all are responsible for the downfall in our society not only in India or the US but the scenario is prevalent all over the globe. The ethical values are nowhere to be seen. The relationship is not respected anymore. The institution of marriage is always on the verge of breaking, the egos are sky high and thus people generally say that they are compromising in marriage which is a negative aspect. Instead they should say that they are adjusting which is a positive notion. But the life nowadays is full of negativity and thus the quality of life is falling drastically. The parents, teachers, any elder should keep vigil on children in a friendly manner so that the children are not suffocating but discussing their respective problems in positive manner.    

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  1. Beautiful analysis .
    What I feel in US the lack of family system and undue freedom of both parents and children are leading them nowhere . The most of the kids belong to " Weekend parenting " concept including that Student who did the incident US . Where are the family bondings ?? Although the laws are stronger and transparent but Values are missing to judge what is wrong and what is right ??

    In India , Though we can say that family system is yet stronger and still standing for the kids but the over exposure without the knowledge of family is so easily available . Then the raw minds of the kids churn themselves and they decide themselves what is right for them . The exposure is open outside but in houses we still refrain ourselves from answering all the questions .
    The deep rooted thought processes , lame condition of law , the occupancy of political leaders , the intolerance of people , cheapness in media ,films and even serial are leading our country nowhere . All is concluded with one word is " Dying Consciousness".

  2. 'Common sense' has died in the present world. And we did not bother when he was sick and gasping.