Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CA topper daughter of Auto-rickshaw driver.

This article is about a girl who has topped the tough CA exam fighting all the odds when the whole family of four people resided in one room in Mumbai, sustaining from the meager income of auto-rickshaw driver.

Prema the topper of CA exam (courtesy: The Hindu)

Hard work and honest labour results in best of result and here is an example of Ms. Prema Jayakumar.

Belonging to a family which is said to be from the low income strata of our society, Prema bravely tamed all the odds against her, topping the exam of India Chartered Accountancy (CA) held in November 2012 of which result was declared on 21st January 2013.

Residing in a one room chawl in the suburban Malad of business capital of India—Mumbai. Her father–Jayakumar Perumal–is an auto-rickshaw driver and has a family of four people, wife, son and Prema. Originally belonging to Tamil Nadu state of India this family has migrated to Mumbai several years back.

24 years old Prema scored 75.8% marks in the CA exam, says that her parents fight negatives which hindered her way to progress but she braved only by the motivation from her parents. She further said, “My parents have never cared for the finances which were involved in her and her brother’s education, who has also completed his CA with her at an age of 22 years.”

She stood second in her graduation (B.Com) exam from Mumbai University scoring 90% marks.


  1. She is the living example of the power of will and hard work.

  2. She is born genius i must say but she is very ambitious...and hard work can change fate and i wish her best of luck for every next exam too...!!!But in addition prayers of parents never go wasted if you think they are with you.

  3. Ms. Sara, she is not ambitious as you have mentioned, rather she is hard working and has dreams for a better life for her parents, this all made her to perform at the best even in the situation against her; single room accommodation, meager income of the father, etc.
    Prayers of the parents are always with the kids and here in Prema's case her honest efforts and will power to bring in happiness for the parents has done wonders. Thanks for your comment.