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Sarabjit Singh killed under international conspiracy

This article is about the killing of innocent Indian prisoner in Pakistani jail, which can be a part of International conspiracy by the corrupt and selfish politicians of Indian sub-continent to safeguard their selfish interests at the time of General Election. Poor masses are engulfed in the whole emotional drama…

On 25th April 2013 it was news that China has entered the territorial boundaries of India. It was a military action and the present Indian government which is mum on the internal issues of atrocities on females could not retaliate to China. To situations–be it internal or on the borders of India–the present UPA government has been just mum and the present PM Dr. Manmohan Singh has not been seen delivering any statement.

In the month of December 2012 when brutal rape reasoned to the death of a girl in Delhi led the common Indians on the roads not because of criminal activities against females but because of unrest and remorse which was looking for a crack to leak. PM was not seen issuing any pacifying statement as Head of the Government to citizens whom PM is representing. The leaderless agitation engulfed the whole of India and soon major cities witnessed the remorse of the common Indian.
Sarabjit Singh the Indian Prisoner killed in Pakistani jail.
26th April 2013 was the day when Indian prisoner in Kot Lakhpat jail, Lahore–Sarabjit Singh–was attacked which lead to his death in the early hours of 2nd May 2013. Sarabjit was a person who was imprison for a mistaken identity for the bomb blasts in number of cities of Pakistan in 1991. According to FIR No. 91 in the Ghaziabad Police Station of Lahore he was registered as an Indian spy and the person who was responsible for bomb blast in number of cities of Pakistan. Since then it was long wait for the then unborn Poonam to meet her father. The elder daughter Swapandeep had seen her mother–Sukhpreet Kaur– and Dalbir Kaur–sister of Sarabjit–running from pillar to post for the release of her father. Dalbir had met all the top politicians of India and in the month of September 2012 she had written a letter to Sonia Gandhi requesting to intervene in the release of Sarabjit from Pakistan jail, but all in vain.

According to the lawyer of Sarabjit Singh–Awaish Sheikh, who fought the case of Sarabjit, free of cost–has written a book on his client. In his book he has mentioned that it is a case of mistaken identity. It was Manjit Singh who was the man behind the bomb blasts in Pakistan in 1991 and till date no one is aware about the whereabouts of Manjit. Awaish Sheikh is said to be the person who has been leader in the campaign for release of Sarabjit.
Coffin of Sarabjit Singh at his village (Courtesy: Indian Express)
Nothing was done in the span of 22 years when Sarabjit was in Pakistani jail. But after his death the Government of India had wrapped his body in the Indian National flag, proving that they have hushed up the killing and soon the people will forget and they will be successful in their misconducts. Why now there is a three day state mourning for a prisoner? Why there was 21-gun salute for the departed soul? Why the State Government of Punjab–State of India–has announced job to the daughters of Sarabjit and a compensation of 1 crore rupees? Numbers of similar questions are there. When he was alive none had the time to intervene and help him being released from prison, but now when he was dead, the drama is in the air. He has been pronounced as–Shaheed (martyr)–why, strange that a prisoner has been given this honour which is only for the person who is killed in the battle field. Was Sarabjit an Indian spy for which the government has bestowed on him this honour? Whether Sarabjit was Manjit and it was not a case of mistaken identity?

Is it not strange that when Indian soldier Hemraj was killed on the LOC nothing happened! I on 16th January 2013 have post this on my Facebook profile:

Do you have something to say on the careless and callous behaviour of the Government in the recent incident on the LOC. It is a heinous crime which has been conducted and even the Human Rights activists are mum on this. I remember during the uproar on the Delhi rape all the forums were hand in hand fighting away to glory, but here all are silent. This shows that we all are ready to fight amongst ourselves but when it comes to the security of the nation it is the poor soldiers only who have to face the music. This is a state of disrespect to a soldier who was decapitated and the entire country is not reacting for the brave son of India. It is a state of lamenting and I request that our national flag should be made to fly half mast in respect to the brave soldier. If this is being done for the politicians who are terrorists in chair then why not for a soldier who has lost his life in the days of peace protecting the nation.” ?????
Grieving family of Sarabjit Singh (Courtesy: Hindustan Times)
Present conditions in India: Common Indian is leading a life of unrest, due to political instability. Rape is part of daily course of life, price rise is out of control, scams are everywhere, the present government able to handle the situation. General Elections are to be held in 2014, and a firm ground is much needed but all the political parties who are busy getting a make-up to face the people and in this situation a drama was created by the present corrupt governance to distract the common Indians to a more emotional episode of killing of innocent Indian in Pakistani jail to divert the focus from Internal Security at venerable North East portion of Country.

I read this whole episode of Sarabjit as a conspiracy to distract people from the much important issue of China entering the India territories. Just the next day when the news of China’s infiltration came in, Sarabjit was attacked in Pakistani jail. Media started to pour in news about Sarabjit’s condition and we could not get to know the real picture of what was happening at the border where China has entered.

The verdict on the 1984 riots was pronounced on 30th April 2013 in which Congress leader Sajjan Kumar was acquitted. He is the member of the ruling Congress party and in the up-roar about Sarabjit’s attack the conspiracy was that the people might forget and the accused will be free.

In the past 22 years when Sarabjit was in Pakistani jail none of the politician had ever intervened in his case. In order to do make-up for the forth coming general elections all the politician went to Bhikiwind–the hometown of Sarabjit–including Rahul Gandhi, Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal with his whole cabinet and Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur. A special plane went to Lahore to bring the dead body of Sarabjit, and then the whole drama of care for an Indian is shown to the blinded folded masses.

Now coming to the situation in Pakistan: There is unrest in Pakistan also, fanatics are more vocal than the liberates. The general elections are in and the people are not able to make out who should be brought into power.

Now when Sarabjit is no more I would like the readers to knit in the past events. Infiltration by China of 25th April 2013 and attack of Sarabjit on 26th April 2013, is really strange.

It would have been the a conspiracy between the selfish politicians of both the countries that we should make our respective masses engaged in the emotional drama and our vested interests will be safeguarded. You kill one of our prisoners in your jail and we will do the same in our country and the people will be befooled easily. On the very day when Sarabjit was being given the last rituals a Pakistani prisoner–Sanaullah–was attacked in Kot Bhalwal jail in Jammu. Was the government not aware of any such incident and should have enhanced the security of the Pakistani prisoners in India? It proves a deep rooted international conspiracy for the benefit of the selfish politicians of both the countries.

Zafar Agha a senior Indian journalist said in a TV interview on 3rd May 2013, “Sarabjit was a good cook; he was loved by all the prisoners of the jail. He was a chain smoker and the rich prisoners of the jail used to furnish him cigarette”. Still he was brutally attacked, why? The governments of both the countries want us to digest this.

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  1. well analyzed...but you did not mention that in response Mr Sanaullah died in indian jail...reaction to what ever it was...and election will not effect anything Pakistanis will face same tensions in next years too....but still hopes are there ...