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WATER the HEALING Nectar…! पानी बीमारियों को हराए गा...!

Divine Nectar
God created humans in His likeness and though He is amorphous He gave humans a shape which can perform all the deed for his benefits. Humans have been attracted to the formless qualities which are the most important for life. Water is an amorphous substance but is still the most important one in life. It is this substance which has been provided with medicinal capabilities through supernatural school of Paniwale Baba and is being used as remedy for the people in distress on the failure of medical science to cure their respective diseases. This video is evidence to the supernatural healing only through ‘WATER’. To understand have a patience viewing…
भगवान निराकार हैं मगर उसने इंसान को आकार दिया....इस संसार की हर वस्तु जो इंसान को सबसे प्रिय है वो निराकार है, जैसे...ममता, भूख, प्यास, स्नेह, प्रेम, आदि।
हर निराकार वस्तु में असीम शक्ति है और ये एक कटु सत्या भी है। संसार के अति आवश्यक वस्तु जो निराकार है वो है जल, या आम भाषा में कहें तो पानी।
इस निराकार वस्तु पानी में कितनी शक्ति है ये हमें पता चला जब हमने पानीवाले बाबा को भगवान के बनाए आकार रूपी इंसान को इस निराकार से जीवन देते देखा।
इस वेदियो में आप सुवम देखेंगे कि पानीवाले बाबा कैसे दिल्ली के पटेल नगर इलाक़े में चमत्कार दिखा रहें हैं। प्रयत्क्ष को प्रमाण कि वश्यकता नहीं...ये वीडियो समझ ने के लिए काफी हैं...

Paniwale Baba
Laveen Kumar a bedridden patient
Laveen Kumar a 22 year old boy met with an accident while playing when a cricket ball hit his leg. Due to pain he was advised complete bed rest. But eventually the nervous system generated some problem which affected his backbone. He was not able to move and the doctors were helpless and treatment at number of hospitals was useless. It was the divine nectar (water) which he took from Paniwale Baba. He was able to walk on his own after the second intake and according to him there is 50% improvement in his condition.

लवीन कुमार का जीवन अंधकार में था जब वो दो साल के लिए पूर्ण रूप से बिस्तर पर थे, कारण था खेल में टांग पर गेंद का लगना। डॉक्टर ने लवीन को पूर्ण रूप से बिस्तर पर लिटा दिया। और दो वर्ष के समय में लवीन की रीढ़ कि हड्डी में टेढ़ आगई। अनगिनत अस्पतालों और डॉक्टरों से इलाज करने के बाद भी कुछ नहीं हुआ। परंतु जब पानीवाले बाबा से पानी पिया तो आज लवीन खुद चल सकते हैं और 50% का सुधार महसूस करते हैं।

Dr. Sachin Srivastav with his daughter patient of Cerebral Palsy
Dr. Sachin Srivastav is a physo-therapist who has a daughter suffering from Cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy (CP) is an umbrella term encompassing a group of non-progressive, non-contagious motor conditions that cause physical disability in human development, chiefly in the various areas of body movement. Cerebral refers to the cerebrum, which is the affected area of the brain, and palsy refers to disorder of movement.
This disease Cerebral palsy (CP) is a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills. In simple language the patient loses the ability to move in a coordinated and in a purposeful way. This disease can affect vision, lead to hearing and speech problems, and learning disabilities.
Cerebral Palsy (CP) is due to brain damage which can be during or before the child’s birth. Cerebral Palsy (CP) can also affect the child in the tender age bracket of 3 to 5 year of life. Medical Science states that there is no cure for this disease. Few experimental treatments, therapy, special equipments and surgery in some case can do little for the patient whose life is hell due to this disease.
According to Dr. Sachin his daughter has shown 30 % improvement after the divine nectar (WATER) from Paniwale Baba.

डॉ सचिन श्रीवास्तवा स्वं एक फिज़यो-थैरेपिस्ट हैं मगर अपनी बेटी के लिए ये आयुर्विज्ञान में कोई इलाज नहीं ढूंढ पाए। इनका बच्चा Cerebral palsy (सेरेबल पलसे) से पीरिठ है। मगर जब उन्होने अपने बच्ची को पानीवाले बाबा से पानी पिलवाया तो वो स्वं कहते हैं कि उनके बच्चे में 30% सुधार दिखाई देता है। 

Murari Lal Patel a patient of Leucoderma/Vitiligo or White Patches
Murari Lal Patel is a patient of Leucoderma also known as Vitiligo (White Patches). It is a disease in which white patches appear on the body of the patient and thus they are ashamed of the same, which sometimes lead to isolated life leading to mental disorder. Skin gets its natural complexion from a pigment called melanin. Sometimes, the production and distribution of melanin becomes irregular and causes pale patches or spots to appear on the skin. This condition is commonly referred to as vitiligo or leucoderma. Emotional stress or trauma, sunburn, prolonged physical illness and heredity are some of the factors that may be responsible for this condition. Exposure to harsh chemicals and pollutants may also cause white patches to appear on the skin.
According to Murari Lal when he first time took water from Paniwale Baba he could feel improvement of about 50 %. After the second round of divine nectar from Paniwale Baba Murari Lal has been overwhelmed to show it to whole world that there are no more white patches on his body and 80% of the disease has vanished.
When he was suffering from this disease he spent about Rs. 60,000 in the span of 5 years but now he is happy to be cured.

मुरारी लाल पटेल को Leucoderma / Vitiligo (White Patches) अर्थथा सफेदे का रोग हो गया था। इस कारण से उन्होने पाँच वर्षो में 60, 000 रुपे वियर्थ ही खर्च किए मगर कोई फाएदा नहीं हुआ। पानीवाले बाबा के पास आकार उन्होने पहली बार जब पानी पिया तो 50% और दूसरी बार में 80% सुधार पाया।

Aditi a child with problems developed at the time of delivery
Aditi is a girl suffering from a disorder which is the result of some mistake at the time of the birth. Her mother Ms. Krishan recalls that her daughter was not able to see or speak for the initial years of her life and was not having the sense of recognition. But the miracle as per her is that after having water twice from Paniwale Baba Aditi is able to write alphabets from A to Z and counting till 50, which is remarkable for a child who could not recognize or deliver the things accordingly.

जन्म के समय बहुत से कारण होते हैं जो एक शिशु का पूरा जीवन अपंग करदेते हैं। ये माता के गर्भ धरण करने के बाद की कुछ गलतियों का कारण भी हो सकता हैं ये जन्म के समय सावधानी न करने के कारण से भी। इस कारण से शिशु के किसी अंग का पूर्ण रूप से विकसित न होना या किसी शरीरिक अंग में अपंगता का कारण बनसकता हैं।
ऐसा ही हुआ है अदिति के साथ जिसकी माँ का कहना है कि जन्म के समय अदिति की कोई नस दब जाने के कारण से अदिति कुछ सालों तक न तो बोल पाई और न ही कोई प्रतिक्रिया कर पाई। उनकी बच्ची का जीवन तो अंधकार में था मगर ममता ने आस नही छोड़ी और पानिवाले बाबा के पास आकर चमत्कार हुआ कि आज अदिति लिख पढ़ सकती हैं।

Sushil Kumar with his 15 year old son patient of Muscular Dystrophy
Sushil Kumar Sharma has a 15 year old son suffering from Muscular Dystrophy (MD). Muscular dystrophy is a group of inherited disorders which involve muscle weakness and sometimes loss of muscle tissue, which get worse over the age of the patient and with the increase in time. There are no known cures for the various muscular dystrophies. The goal of treatment is to control symptoms.
A child who is diagnosed with MD gradually loses the ability to do things like walk, sit upright, breathe easily, and move the arms and hands. This increasing weakness can lead to other health problems.
Many kids with muscular dystrophy follow a normal pattern of development during their first few years of life. But as the time passes common symptoms begin to appear. A child who has MD may start to stumble, waddle, have difficulty climbing up stairs, and toe walking (walk on the toes without the heels hitting the floor). A child may start to struggle to get up from a sitting position or have a hard time pushing things, like a wagon or a tricycle.
Kids with MD often develop enlarged calf muscles (called calf pseudohypertrophy) as muscle tissue is destroyed and replaced by fat. Sushil Kumar is positive that his child will be cured through the divine medication of Paniwale Baba with the help of simplest thing in the world i.e. water.

सुशील कुमार शर्मा के बेटे की उम्र 15 वर्ष है। उनका बेटा Muscular Dystrophy मुस्कुलर डिसतौरफी से पीढ़ित है जिसका इलाज सुशील ने बहुत करवाया मगर कोई फाएदा नहीं हुआ। अंत में वो पानिवाले बाबा के पास आए और जल धरण करने पर उन्होने अपने बच्चे की हालत में सुधार पाया।

Madhav Kant Mishra CEO Disha Channel
Courtesy: Mr. Madhav Kant Mishra (CEO) Disha Channel, for introducing this divine remedial measure in public interest.
आभार है श्री माधव कांत मिश्र जी का के उन्होने मानव जाती के लिए इस उपचारिक पद्दती की संसार के सम्मक्ष प्रस्तुति की।  

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