Friday, July 29, 2011

Anna planning hunger strike, police not permitting but ready for Slut Walk

This article is about the ambiguity of including PM under the Jan Lokpal bill which is to be tabled at the floor of the Parliament in this coming monsoon session starting. Police not permitting Anna for hunger strike at Jantar Mantar but has done all arrangement for Slut Walk.

The government has played game that the draft of the Anna Hazare team was not placed in front of the committee and now the government is not planning to include the PM under the Jan Lokpal bill. This is the major point which has been excluded from the draft and has become the issue of confrontation between the government and the anti-corruption crusader (Anna and common Indian). Personally the PM Dr. Manmohan Singh has agreed to be included under the Jan Lokpal only supported by his Rural Development Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh out of his whole team.

The government has also declared that the higher judiciary and the Prime Minister are excluded from the purview of the proposed anti-graft ombudsman. This has been stated by Anna, “Cruel joke”. He has announced the he will be again going for fasting from 16 August.

The other political parties BJP and the Left agree to the inclusion of PM under the Jan Lokpal which has created a tough time for the ruling UPA government, this will be discussed at length on the floor of the Parliament in the forth coming monsoon session commencing from 1 August 2011.

Reacting to the dispute, Ms. Ambika Soni the Information and Broadcasting Minister, said, “We all heard the PM and discussed the pitfalls of the proposal and also discussed the adverse effects on the stability of the governance”.

Salman Khursheed the Law Minister said that Anna and his team should recognize that their 34 points out of 40 have been included, but still Anna is criticizing the government. Over which the lawyer of the Anna team Prashant Bhushan said that this is a ‘sarkari’ (government) lokpal.

With all the unrest created Anna announced that he will again start his hunger strike from 16 August 2011 in favour of a corruption free India. On his announcement the government played another game and through Delhi Police has asked Anna about the strength of the people to participate in the proposed hunger strike. In reply to the number of the participants Anna said it can be from few hundred to few thousands, and to this the Delhi Police is not allowing the hunger strike at Jantar Mantar.

Jantar Mantar is the same venue where ‘Slut Walks’ Indian version ‘Besharmi Morcha’ is planning a program where the females will be walking in fewer clothes protesting against the crime which are infested on the females on roads. To this program the Delhi Police is providing all their support even after the threat from Shiv Sena against the Slut Walk. After the threat the Delhi Police is making more elaborate arrangements to have this walk conducted which is against the India culture of females wearing fewer clothes, rather no sound civilisation in the world would allow their females to walk semi-nude on their streets. The same Delhi Police is under the influence of the ruling UPA and attacked the peaceful protesters of Baba Ramdev at Ram Lila Ground in Delhi.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From space what can be seen on Earth

Human instinct to create something which can bring in name and fame simultaneously is the desire which has been haunting since birth. This desire has resulted in creation of beautiful buildings, big projects, etc which can stay in this mortal world even when the person has left for the other world.

Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar, Great Wall of China, Pyramids, etc are few of the monuments which have been tell tail of the greatness of the people who got them made.

Recently one thing was visible from space and it was a word Hamad that could be seen in the islands of Abu Dubai. This is the name of a Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan a member of the Abu Dhabi’s ruling family, which has been written on the sandy surface of an Al Futaisi Island which belongs to him. The dimensions of this text are one kilometer to three kilometers.
Hamad as seen from space
It is not know when it was written and why it was written but it was very surprising that these letters could be seen from the space and is only other man-made thing after the Great Wall of China which is easily visible from space.

Hamad has an automobile museum which stores 200 cars having Mercedes 500 SELs all creating a rainbow. He recently purchased the most expensive car in the world for $2.7 million.

Beauty Contest in Delhi and Modeling events in 2011

Glamour is the word which has many meaning for the people. To be seen on the silver screen, to be along with a celebrity, to dine with a personality, to be a part of a media event and become a winner, etc. To all this film industry is most important and the people try die-hard to be a part of it.

Delhi this year is having number Beauty Pageant contest which can carry one to the glamour industry instantly. These virtual events are the gate passes to the glamour world where you can strive more and attain the sky limit with your ability, but only getting in is the most important feature.

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Kingfisher airlines have been coming out with its gorgeous calendar every year since it has come into existence. This year also Kingfisher is looking for fresh models regarding the Kingfisher Calendar 2012.

This event will make way for a fresher to gain fame overnight which will lead to recognition for the lifetime.

Kingfisher Calendar 2012 is looking for fresh faced model having perfect body and shape to rock the major publicity through the calendar.
This event is in association with the Good Times channel and the NDTV and the UB-Group owned Kingfisher airlines.

For more information please contact: NDTV GOOD TIMES. 207, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, New Delhi – 110020. Tel: (011) 66176300, on all days except on Saturdays & Sundays.
For becoming a part of Kingfisher Calendar 2011, log on this link: Registration form for Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2012

Miss Dream Girl-11 Beauty Pageant by Prasha Group
Many companies are planning number of beauty and other pageant shows in Delhi in the year 2011 which will provide a chance to the girls of the capital to be a part of the glamour industry and get to fame instantly. In Delhi Prasha Group is the only company which has been making way for the people of Delhi to get to the fashion, glamour or film industry.

Prasha Group the glamour and media maker
Prasha Group has is organizing Miss Dream Girl – 11 and this is rendering chance for the new comers and the freshers to be a part of glamour and get to the media industry with ease. Prasha group has been into media industry for number of years now and have organised Advertising Campaigns, Ad Shoot Coordinator, model coordinators, TV & Magazines advertising, Branding, Models Management, Fashion Events, Events management, Entertainment, Exhibitions and Consultancy services, in short all related to the media industry.

Miss Dream Girl-11 Beauty Pageant                     
This event is to be held in December 2011 where the model will be judged on the basis of:
Intelligence, and
The final date of the event is Saturday, 10 December, 2011 as announced by Prasha Group.

For further details please contact:
Contact Person: Raja M. I. Siddiqui

Contact number: 09818433609 


Miss Dream Girl – 11 more information: Miss Dream Girl – 11 imformation

Miss Dream Girl – 11 (REGISTRATION): Registration for Miss Dream - 11

Miss Khoobsoorat (Uttar Pradesh) -2011 Beauty Contest by Mirage Entertainment Group
Miss Khoobsoorat (Uttar Pradesh) -2011 will be held in Delhi NCR region for the fresh aspirants to the glamour world. Mirage Entertainment Group since 1997 promoting Indian culture on the Global Scenario and has attained a unique position in Films, Glamour, Fashion and Entertainment World. This media company promotes and establishes new talents through Fashion shows, Beauty Pageant and other entertainment events.

This beauty contest is to be scheduled in on Saturday, 17 September 2011 at Hotel Vits, Pacific Business Park, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad – 201010.

Contact for Miss Khoobsorat (Uttar Pradesh) – 2011
Contact Person: Mr. Yusuf Shaikh

Phone Number: 011-32314600

Mobile: 9320155600, 8080090800, 9711354600, 9313779100

Address: C-1 A, Mansarovar Garden, 2nd Floor, Near Mayapuri Chowk, New Delhi-110015.



Monday, July 25, 2011

Feet care is most important.

It is human instinct that he/she takes care of his/her body regularly. Body care is increasing day by day. The companies manufacturing beauty products are everyday announcing new beauty product and the beauty industry has grow to be a billion dollar industry.

All the human beings be it females or male go extra care about their face. Using number of face creams to keep the natural glow intact. Both the genders go to parlours for regular treatment by facial, scrubbing, steaming, etc. It is said that a good looking face attracts many and this is the first part of the body which makes an impact on the looker.

This also includes the skin and most of the people are very cautious about their skin. They regularly visit a dermatologist and gets tips for their skin which varies from person to person. The different skin products are available in the market each for dry-skin, moist-skin, oily-skin, etc.

Second care is given to the hair. Use of shampoos and other hair-care products prove that hair are also an important ingredient of personality. But we occasionally care about our feet and just go for pedicure once a while and consider all is done for feet. But this is not the right attitude towards our feet. We must care about feet also as we care about our skin and hair.

Feet are considered the most important part of the body which carries you to the desired places with ease. Feet require care as they sometimes are weary at the end of the day. You must sometime try to pamper your feet which are the most neglected part.

Number of therapy for feet care:

Fish Pedicure - Doctor Fish therapy is a care of your feet through fishes. You just have to immerse your feet in a warm pool having hundreds of minnow which feast on your dead skin and provides glow and life to your feet. Doctor Fish therapy leaves behind radiant, smooth and glowing feet.

Doctor Fish is a feet care service which can keep your feet looking smart and beautiful. This therapy is successful in Japan, China, Turkey and Europe, where numbers of people are just going in for Doctor Fish therapy to keep their feet at best of health. Doctor Fish therapy provides foot reflexology which gives you inner mental and physical energy just by massaging. Feet have number of nodes which can provide healing treatment to number of body ailments. Doctor Fish therapy does it without your knowledge and keeps you fit and perfect till the next round of therapy class.

Foot Massage (using Herbal cream) - Foot Massage with a herbal cream provides calmness to your brain as all the major nodes of your feet get pressed which massage is being done. Your beautiful and good looking feet are again ready to carry you to other destinations. Sometime some flowers are also used to give your feet special treatment.

Foot Reflexology - constant walking damages your feet and the sole and the toes start pain. Foot Reflexology helps you to rejuvenate your feet. It removes the stress which is due to feet pain. Many people do it at home when they have learnt about this therapy through number of books available in the market. In this therapy also the nodes of the feet are pressed gently which reduces all stress and keeps you on the move.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Slut Walk in Delhi to fight crime against women

This article has been written for the information that Slut Walk is being organized in Delhi to fight crime against women. The word slut has vulgar meaning and still the orgainser are impressed to the western world and planning to walk in Delhi in skimpy clothes.