Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beauty Contest in Delhi and Modeling events in 2011

Glamour is the word which has many meaning for the people. To be seen on the silver screen, to be along with a celebrity, to dine with a personality, to be a part of a media event and become a winner, etc. To all this film industry is most important and the people try die-hard to be a part of it.

Delhi this year is having number Beauty Pageant contest which can carry one to the glamour industry instantly. These virtual events are the gate passes to the glamour world where you can strive more and attain the sky limit with your ability, but only getting in is the most important feature.

Kingfisher Calendar 2012
Kingfisher airlines have been coming out with its gorgeous calendar every year since it has come into existence. This year also Kingfisher is looking for fresh models regarding the Kingfisher Calendar 2012.

This event will make way for a fresher to gain fame overnight which will lead to recognition for the lifetime.

Kingfisher Calendar 2012 is looking for fresh faced model having perfect body and shape to rock the major publicity through the calendar.
This event is in association with the Good Times channel and the NDTV and the UB-Group owned Kingfisher airlines.

For more information please contact: NDTV GOOD TIMES. 207, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, New Delhi – 110020. Tel: (011) 66176300, on all days except on Saturdays & Sundays.
For becoming a part of Kingfisher Calendar 2011, log on this link: Registration form for Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2012

Miss Dream Girl-11 Beauty Pageant by Prasha Group
Many companies are planning number of beauty and other pageant shows in Delhi in the year 2011 which will provide a chance to the girls of the capital to be a part of the glamour industry and get to fame instantly. In Delhi Prasha Group is the only company which has been making way for the people of Delhi to get to the fashion, glamour or film industry.

Prasha Group the glamour and media maker
Prasha Group has is organizing Miss Dream Girl – 11 and this is rendering chance for the new comers and the freshers to be a part of glamour and get to the media industry with ease. Prasha group has been into media industry for number of years now and have organised Advertising Campaigns, Ad Shoot Coordinator, model coordinators, TV & Magazines advertising, Branding, Models Management, Fashion Events, Events management, Entertainment, Exhibitions and Consultancy services, in short all related to the media industry.

Miss Dream Girl-11 Beauty Pageant                     
This event is to be held in December 2011 where the model will be judged on the basis of:
Intelligence, and
The final date of the event is Saturday, 10 December, 2011 as announced by Prasha Group.

For further details please contact:
Contact Person: Raja M. I. Siddiqui

Contact number: 09818433609 


Miss Dream Girl – 11 more information: Miss Dream Girl – 11 imformation

Miss Dream Girl – 11 (REGISTRATION): Registration for Miss Dream - 11

Miss Khoobsoorat (Uttar Pradesh) -2011 Beauty Contest by Mirage Entertainment Group
Miss Khoobsoorat (Uttar Pradesh) -2011 will be held in Delhi NCR region for the fresh aspirants to the glamour world. Mirage Entertainment Group since 1997 promoting Indian culture on the Global Scenario and has attained a unique position in Films, Glamour, Fashion and Entertainment World. This media company promotes and establishes new talents through Fashion shows, Beauty Pageant and other entertainment events.

This beauty contest is to be scheduled in on Saturday, 17 September 2011 at Hotel Vits, Pacific Business Park, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad – 201010.

Contact for Miss Khoobsorat (Uttar Pradesh) – 2011
Contact Person: Mr. Yusuf Shaikh

Phone Number: 011-32314600

Mobile: 9320155600, 8080090800, 9711354600, 9313779100

Address: C-1 A, Mansarovar Garden, 2nd Floor, Near Mayapuri Chowk, New Delhi-110015.



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