Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rain in Delhi

This is a post to inform people about the problems that rain created on 9th September 2011.

Rain in Delhi on 9th September 2011 paralyzed the whole city.

There was 96.1 mm of rainfall which lasted for 12 hours in Delhi on regular intervals. The number of water logging spots were 183, 14 cases of trees being uprooted and 20 buildings damaged due to rain.

Water everywhere at 10 am

No road was free to move. People reached offices in more than four hour. The distant of 1.5 kms was covered in 3 hours. This is what the Delhi government has been planning to compare the city with the major cities of the world. Sheila Dixit got award for making Delhi the most developed city.

Road not fit for traffic 11 am

I traveled in the whole city to give you a view of the arrangements which the government of Delhi has been claiming that there will be no water logging in Delhi this year. CM Sheila Dikshit stranded as rain worsened traffic in Delhi

Moving was a problem

Traffic jam on all roads

Major road connecting Trans Yamuna area to rest of Delhi–Vikas Marg (ITO)–was closed for the traffic as there was water logging at ever interval of the road. All the buses have to move around ITO. No one was allowed to move in front of the Delhi Police Head Quarters.

Water entering the bus

Yesterday’s rain claimed one life of a 7 year old girl who was crushed under a wall which collapsed due to rain. 

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