Thursday, September 8, 2011

Suspects in Delhi High Court bomb blast

This is a post to provide people of the sketchs of the two suspects in the Delhi High Court bomb blast on 07-09-2011.

Yesterday at 10:14 IST there was a powerful blast in Delhi. The blast took place at the Gate No. 5 of the Delhi High Court.

The reki of the area was done cunningly and the day of the blast was chosen to be Wednesday. This is the day of the week when the court allow Public Litigation cases, thus the crowd is more than the usual days.

The bomb was planted in a briefcase and left at the reception of the Gate No. 5 of the Delhi High Court. This is the area where people have to get their entry passed made in order to enter the court premises.

It was the peak hour when the bomb which is said to be triggered by a remote device, deafened the people to the range of about 1.5 Kms.

9 people were reported dead at the spot, where as 50 were reported injured. As 24 hours have passed by the death toll has risen to 11 and the number of that injured is now 74.

Delhi Police has issued the sketch of the two suspects in the Delhi bomb blast. 
Suspects in the Delhi Bomb blast

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  1. The police always releases sketches after tragedies in different parts of country I could not understand who so ever supports in making suspected faces why not catch them before incedents
    please brief I am confused and panic