Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jyotish a remedy for Stress

This article is about Stress. Jyotish is a remedy which can reduce stress and make the life of a person peaceful and happy.

Jyotish Guru Lalit Kumar reading birth chart of people in the camp

Stress is an inbound force in a human being which can lead a person to the threshold of life. It is the out come of distress, failure, agony, etc. It is a process which gets into our life as virus gets into our computers.

The world is still making efforts to understand the reason of stress and to find the remedial measures for the same. But stress virus is multiplying at an enormous speed and has started to penetrate among our tender children. Today the children are committing suicides due to stress. Which we have to understand at the earliest to avoid the loss of the future in the present!

Stress management is a new theory coming up around the globe to curb the stress virus–unlike the virus removing software companies which sometime produces viruses for their goodwill and marketing gimmick–is confusing the common public at large.

At the seminar conducted on Stress, stars and success Dr. Najma Heptulla said, 'All the people are in hurry and this leads to accidents which is not only through but it can happen with life also, which is more fatal'. She further added that all the planets are following their respective path and they dare never to change path or speed, if they change it, it will lead to fatal accident. Thus all the people must follow the track demarcated for them in life and this will lead to a stress free life'. On the question that she believes in astrology, she said, 'Yes that is the reason why she is here. All the religions have prayers for a stress free life but one has to follow it with honesty'.

Justice S N Kapoor said, 'Ambitions should be controlled to lead a stress free life. Other factor that lead to stress are jealousy, hatred which one should control'. He also mentioned the factor which can help a person to star business by studying the horo charts of his employees. John Victor shared his seven years experience in his struggles to remove stress from the common people. Shri M N Kedar said, 'Stress can be controlled through horo reading and mantra recital'.

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