Friday, January 6, 2017

Bengaluru Mass Molestation a learning

This article is to make people understand that females are not products rather they are God’s creation having soul…

The beginning of the year 2017 has been a usual event for most of the people of the world. Year after year celebrations on the night of the 31 December is being carried on which proves that people like to celebrate and above all it is a major sign that we all like to be happy as we are sane and not animals.

Unfortunately, on December 31 2016 in Bengaluru when the youngsters were celebrating few of the rowdies attacked the females. To which the Karnataka Home Minister, G Parameshwara criticized women for dressing “like westerners.” This statement of the State Home Minister in not wrong, as in this State the MLA have tendency of viewing porn while the house is in progress in the State Assembly.

Terrorised victims at Bengaluru (image courtesy internet

It was reported that there was about 1,500 strong contingent of Karnataka Police posted in the area still this incident happened. We should not get hyper against the police as they are to abide the orders of the Home Minister. May the Home Minister himself would have asked the police not to react on any incident against the females who are not in proper clothing which is proved from his statement post mass attack.

Terrorised victims at Bengaluru (image courtesy financialexpress

In a similar incident in Delhi on the same night the Delhi Police played an important role and rescued a female who was dragged by some rowdies. Sub-Inspector Sajjan Kumar and Constable Sunil Sharma when heard the cries of the girl who was dragged by her shawl by a group of people got to her rescue. The victim was so terrorized that she hurriedly rushed from that spot with her friend. This did not end the episode here rather the both Police personnel had to face the allegation from the people. They were manhandled, abused and even the police picket was stoned by a strong group of about 700 men who had gathered in sometime. What can the police do in such an incident wherein the victim is afraid to register a complaint? There has been a viral video from Bengaluru (video attached) wherein two rowdies have attacked a lone female in the wee hour of night on CCTV. The female did not file a complaint, why?

It is easy to point fingers against the government machinery, but what are we doing! Are we really helping the society to be a safer place to live!

Think are we really sane

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