Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Politics, Party and Patriotism the Ps of problems in present time

UP elections are in progress and all the Political Parties are busy wooing their voters. Let’s understand what the situation of India in present is and what should be the result of the UP Elections.

“If you can’t be right; be wrong at the top of your voice!

The present state of affairs in the world is only advocating the above-mentioned quote which is resonating all over. Nowhere peace is to be seen! People are living and leading hard lives, sandwiched between the day's meals to the extent that they don’t even have time to rethink what their politicians are doing.

The most advanced nation in the world the US is also affected and the present situation of unrest is slowly crawling in. The Middle-East for past some years is being suffocated by ISIS. Oil prices are in oscillation. Iran is trying best to survive under the sanctions. Pakistan is losing its sanctity by fanatics. Oh FANATIC! Now I got the right word. Fanatic the world is becoming.

If we talk about the literal meaning of this word FANATIC: marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion. It is not only marked by religious belief and practice as commonly understood. But the reality is far to be understood by us. Following a person blindly can also be termed as FANATIC. This is what is happening in the present time all over the world.

Coming to the Indian scenario in this regard, it is the right word for the present times. Narendra Modi came to power is the country of 125 crores. Followers of Modi are taking the nerves of India. It is right that one should follow its PM! Should there be a benchmark or line of saturation! No for the fanatic there is none. All should understand that India is a secular state and it has never given much time to the fanatic rulers.

There is a war of thought and words prevailing in India in the present times. There are terms intolerance, nationalism, patriotism, etc which are being twisted and losing their real meaning by the ones being reframed by fanatics. This happens and is quite obvious in a country-India-which is a home of different; thoughts, languages, castes, religions, traditions, etc.  

Uttar Pradesh (UP) elections are in progress, and all the Political Parties are bragging to be the best and would do best if given chance. What they had done in the past is what the people should consider at the time of voting. But the hero worship or the fanatic attitude paves way for the lesser capable and again the situation of unrest prevails in the country for the coming five years.

Fellow countrymen let us consider the elections symbols of the present Political Parties. Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has Lotus, Indian National Congress (INC) has Palm, Samajwadi Party (SP) has Bicycle, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has Elephant, Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) has Hand Pump, etc. (I have only taken the symbols of the major contesting Political Parties here). We should analyse the election symbols of the above mentioned political parties…

INC-Palm: It requires power from the brain to move, gets hurt, burnt, rather injury affects it.
Congress Party symbol
SP-Bicycle: It is a mechanical arrangement which can help a person to travel fast but requires human power or else it is just useless.
Samajwadi Party symbol
BSP-Elephant: It is a creation of God, symbolic of power and strength, worshiped in India. If it goes on a rampage it destroys all. Requires control by a human.
Bahuja Samaj Party symbol
RLD-Hand Pump: It is a mechanical device which helps in fetching water from water table situated underground. It requires human power to work.
Rashtriya Lok Dal Party symbol
BJP-Lotus: It is also a creation of God, grows in ponds. It is used during worship in India and also the National Flower of India.
Bharatriya Janta Party symbol
Why not let the Lotus grow which is a natural process. But the most important thing to consider is that Lotus grows in ponds, which usually gets contaminated as the water is logged for a long time.

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