Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rights of the people Anna Hazare

This post is to inform people about their rights and also request them to exercise their rights peacefully.

People of India are hero worshipers. The make the politicians to be the Gods. The politicians are elected by the people and made to be their representatives in the law implementing and making machinery i.e. Parliament. But the people have been providing chance to the selected politicians from their respective areas without ever asking questions.

Anna Hazare has taught people of India to question the politician who is their representative in the Parliament. This is the fundamental right of the people and they should exercise it openly. This call from Anna has created a situation of unrest for the politicians who have been milking this country every now and then.

People taking our agitation all over India

People have been visiting the homes of the MPs and the MLAs and asking them to clear their stand on the Jan Lokpal bill. The politicians are using force to remove the people from their door steps, only few are welcoming the public and listening to their demand and issuing statement on the issue.

People are not using force, all the agitations are peaceful and people are just leaving a rose flower on the door step as a token of Get Well Soon. This action has been taken from a Hindi film Lage rahoo Muna Bhai. The villain of the film is presented with flower by every person of the city, this is a way of making the stubborn person feel ashamed and come to the right track in life.

People visited house of Parnab Mukherjee Minister of Finance and left rose flower there. The crowd comprised of female (mostly college girls), children and men. The police rounded up few of the agitators alleging that they were using slogan with unparliamentarily language.

People visited the house of Kapil Sibal Minister of Human Resource Development, who has been replying to Anna’s action in his peculiar befooling manner. The people who agitated outside his house said that they have made a mistake by voting him to Parliament, and next time they will not make such a mistake.

In Mumbai the people visited the house of Priya Dutt, Gurda Kamat, and others to show their unrest. Priya Dutt did comment that she is with the people and is no way supporting the Lokpal bill which is being tabled in the Parliament. She said that she is with the people of India and respects their demands to remove corruption.

People are requested to carry their Identity Cards with them as the police may ask about your identity and in case you don’t have one you can be rounded by the police as a precautionary measure. This is another way of not letting people to be the part of this agitation.

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