Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Most popular leader of India at present!

This is a post to make the people understand about their leaders and to vote for their leaders popularity.

The political arena of India is going through the worst phase since independence. In the 65th year of it independence India has the rise in one name i.e. Anna Hazare.

This person has made the people come together on the slogan of Corruption Free India. His agitation at Delhi Ramli Lal Ground made the government to rethink on its stand on Jan Lokpal bill.

The popularity graph of Anna is a serious threat for the present politicians. It this race of popularity the politicians are using gimmicks to gain the mileage for the forth coming elections.

L K Advani announced Rath Yatra against corruption. He wants to en-cash this word corruption which has been the reason for getting mileage for Anna and his team. Advani has been dreaming to become the Prime Minister of India since many years. He has taken two rath yatras which have become the reason of communal hatred in India. He gave a call for demolition of Babri Masjid, which was a political hand in glove of all the political parties in India. But the construction of Ramjanam Bhoomi Mandir is still far of sight, which BJP has always being using in its election manifesto to woo the majority of Hindus of India. Now as the educated Hindu has lost its interest in Mandir issue the BJP of which Advani is a veteran leader is planning for a new gimmick to get to the limelight.

Congress is all the more in worst problem due to the scams which are unearthing on daily basis and making problems for the party. SoniaGandhi is being considered to be a mother of all the corruptions as her leaders are involved in the biggest scams India has seen since the day of independence. Dr. Subramaniam Swamy has been blogging about how Sonia Gandhi has been creating problems for the India masses and what her motive at last is. The people of India are not getting the real picture of the corrupt politicians.

Narendra Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat is also racing for the popularity. He just finished a political gimmick of ‘Sadbhavana’ fast lasting for 72 hrs. He is hoping to have a make over in regards to his mistakes which he has committed by removing the IPS officer Sanjiv Rajendra Bhatt. He in his report has named the present CM Narendra Modi to be responsible for 2002 Gujarat riots. He has been carrying a placard that Gujarat is a model state and he has made it possible to develop.

Now it is the time for the people to come forward and understand what is right and what is wrong for them. To fool the common public is not an easy task but the politicians will make all possible moves to remain in the main lead.

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