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Anna Hazare insulted in India respected in Pakistan

This is a post which is about the influence of Anna Hazare on the people of Pakistan.

Anna was in India Army
Anna Hazare a person who dedicated his life to fight against corruption was initially not allowed to start his fast on 16 August 2011 and was arrested as precautionary measure.

He was arrested from Mayur Vihar area of East Delhi and taken to the West part of Delhi, as a plot to disrupt his war against corruption. His team the Civil Society members were also arrested. The place provided to him to start his hunger strike–Jai Prakash Narain Park area–was under Section 144. Many people went there and were arrested and taken to the Jarnail Singh Stadium. 15,000 people consisting of males, females and children were taken into custody. It was in the evening of the same day the government released Anna Hazare from jail but he refused to leave the Tihar Jail compound unless his demand to continue his agitation was not given to him.

Arrangements being made at Ram Lila Ground

Arrangements at Ram Lila Ground
The government kneeled and provided him Ram Lila Ground to continue his hunger strike which he had started from the morning of 16 August (while this blog was being written Anna has been on hunger strike for 135 hours). The magic of Anna worked on the nerves of the common India who has been surviving under pressure of corruption.

MCD workers made to work
Anna accused
Manish Tewari of the spokes person of Congress I the ruling party of India commented on Anna as he was “neck deep in corruption”. He further added, “We want to ask Kisan Baburao Hazare alias Anna that with what face you talk of fast against corruption. You are involved in corruption from top to bottom and we are not saying say this, this has been said by a probe panel which was headed by a former Supreme Court judge”. He was commenting on letter that Anna had sent to the PM stating that his United Progressive Alliance was adopting “dictatorial stance” and playing with the Lokpal bill draft and also said that the PM should not unfold the Tricolour at Red Fort on the Independence Day. Manish Tewari alleged that Anna has insulted the Tricolour also by saying so to the PM.

On the remark of the US State Department spokesperson, Manish Tewari said that the irresponsibility shown by Anna has provided a chance to the foreign countries to comment on the Indian government. “He has insulted the Parliament also by talking to the PM in unhealthy manner,” said Tewari.

Agitation in Amritsar
 Anna inspired
Anna has again brought the word nonviolence and hunger strike into fashion. This is the word which was made popular by Mahatma Gandhi during the India freedom struggle. Now the one know as to be Gandhi of the present time has used the same tool.

Mr. Jehangeer Akhtar a 68 year old Pakistani businessman has planned to go on a hunger strike in Islamabad from 12 September 2011 against the corruption which is engulfing the whole Pakistan as well. Akhtar said, “I was impressed by the system and style of Anna Hazare and thus planned to use the same tool to fight corruption in Pakistan also”.

People of all religions voice against corruption
Akhtar is also an activist and wants the Pakistan Parliament to pass an anti-corruption law as the one which is being planned in India.

It is not the first chance when Akhtar is planning to take up the cudgels for the cause. He has sat on a hunger strike for 22 days in Islamabad for the sake of the traders. In a second he went for hunger strike for eight days. He said, “If the public of India is demanding a Lokpal bill then the government must listen to the voice and respect the feeling of the people of India”.

Light will reduce the darkness of corruption
Anna Hazare is not only a force which has made the people of India to stand in unity and voice against corruption which is due to the politician of India.

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  1. And to all of us, the so called citizens of India, whoever raises their voice against corruption, it is right that we have raised against corruption, but at the same time we have to think few things. Do we really pay our taxes properly and regularly? If we are shop keepers or business men, do you pay your taxes, or do you give bills to the customers for the products they buy? How many Crores of rupees we loot every day? Is it not more than what the politicians do once in five years? Don't we loot the country or don't we do corruption from our part? How can corrupt people fight against corruption, when it is within their hearts and daily activities? Just think.