Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anna Hazare protest in Delhi

This is a post to inform people regarding the winning of Anna Hazare over the Delhi Police.

Delhi Police kneeling before the public of India which is a signal to the peole that a mass movement can do wonders even if the politicians are just against them.The drama of the ruling UPA government has come to an end, which is the winning point for the people of India.

The Delhi Police has agreed to the following conditions of Anna Hazare permiting him to sit on the hunger strike at Ram Lila Ground Delhi.

The conditions which the Delhi Police has agreed in regard to Anna Hazare's Satya Grah (hunger strike).
1. The hunger strike will be allowed for 7 days and can be extended after the situation analysis to be positive.
2. Loud speakers will be allowed till 10 PM at night which is permissible for any individual in Delhi.
3. There is no restriction on the number of people coming in to join the agitation, but not more than the people which can be accomodated in Ram Lila Ground.
4. Doctors of Anna and government will be monitoring his health on day to day basis.
5. Delhi Police will accomodate the vehicles which will be reaching at Ram Lila Ground.
6. No untoward incident will be allow, if there is one the agitation will be called to be ended by the Police.

This is the same place where Baba Ramdev called for his agitation and was removed forcefully by the Delhi Police in the curtain of night.

Today the government has kneeled in front of the nonviolence tool which is still effective again. This is the first sptep towards the successful movement of the Indian masses led by Anna Hazare for a corruption free India.

Ram Lila Ground is situated only a kilometer away from the Jai Prakash Narain Park where Anna was allowed to start his hunger strike but Delhi Police imposed Section 144 to dirupt his agitation. Anna was arrested yesterday morning by Delhi Police just when he was moving out for the venue of his hunger strike. He was released last night at 8 pm IST but he remained in the Tihar Jail as a protest and is continuing his hunger strike from there.
India Gate aerial view 
India Gate memorial for freedom fighters
He gave a call to his supporters to gather in the historical India Gate (memorial for the freedom fighters who laid their lives for India freedoom struggle) at 4 pm IST to conduct a peace march from there till Jantar Mantar. Thousands of people from all walks of life gathered at India Gate paying respect to the only one leader who has promised them a Corruption Free India.
Public reciprocating to the call of Anna Hazare 
Thousands of people gathered at India Gate on call of Anna
Digvijay Singh said yesterday, "One 15000 people with Anna cannot portray the entire Indian population". Now what he has to say on this action when the Delhi Police has accepted the demands of Anna Hazare leading the whole India?

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