Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anna Hazare we are with you

This is a post in appeal to Indians all over the world to help in bringing change in India and make India a Corruption Free Country.

Corruption is all over the globe. Many of the minister of the world have been punished or under trial for practicing corruption. This is indirectly affecting the people and their life style is on the downward slope.

In India Anna Hazare has become the voice of the people. We all want a corrupt free society and it is a blessing in disguise that Anna Hazare has started this mission.

To be the part of this agitation just write a line here with your name and basic details so that we can prove to the government that Anna is just not alone but every India, no matter where he/she is staying is a part of this agitation.

Anna has proved to the government that the public is supreme. His agitation has started to work as the cleaning of the Ram Lila Ground is being done which was only done at the time of Dussehra. Now the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) workers are geared to make the ground perfect for the People of India.

Youth of Today: Anna is having all the hope from you and make is dream which is yours also come true.

We are not violent but we are the people from the land of peace lovers like: Gautam Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Ashoka, Guru Nanak, Nizamuddin Auliya, etc who all advocated the word nonviolence and peace. And our peaceful agitation will make the government to kneel down.

REMEMBER: If we suppress our voice now, then never can we talk about corruption. It is NOW OR NEVER.

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  1. ANNA aaj aap aa gaye bhar hume aisa leg raha tha koi apna aa gaya ho hum sab aapke sath hai aaj ish din dekh kar hum andaja lega sakte hai ki hum sab hindustani hai ish bheed main koi na to mulimh a hai aur na hi hindu we are only indians