Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anna Hazare arrested before his hunger strike

This post is to inform the people about the misuse of power by the Delhi Police in arresting Anna Hazare before his proposed hunger strike in Delhi.

Delhi Police allowed Anna Hazare to go for a hunger strike at the Jai Prakash Narain Park in Delhi on 13 August for his proposed agitation on 16 August 2011. The condition was that the agitation will be allowed for only three days and the number of people should be only 5000.

Using its supreme and tactful power police imposed Section 144 which is banning assembly of 5 people at a particular place. This is what the police is for which is always propagating its slogan “With you for you, always”. The act of Delhi Police proves that the police are only to safe guard the corrupt and anti nation action of the corrupt politicians and it has nothing to do with for the public.

The British were better than the present Indian government who always permitted the people of India to orgainse agitations and rallies against the British government. The present UPA government is the worst and the most corrupt government which India has seen since Independence.

Anna Hazare was arrested from his Mayur Vihar residence which falls in the East district of Delhi Police zone. But the police have taken him to the west district which shows the corruption and misuse of power by the police.

Delhi police allowed the Slut Walk in Delhi but is not permitting Satyagrah a call by Anna Hazare for a corrupt free India.

Down with the ruling government of India! This agitation is becoming a mass movement and if the situation is not considered by the government seriously, might lead to bloodshed and a civil war in India which is the state of most of the countries around the globe.

The Union Home Minister should be held responsible for all the planning and must be the first person to be grilled under the Jan Lokpal bill.

Delhi Police press conference on arrest of Anna

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  1. Name: Amar Deep Sharma
    Age: 40
    Sex: Male
    Origin: Indian

    This is big slap over the democracy of India, when people are gathering for their rights at one location in peaceful meeting. I am suppressed to see that the Delhi Police is placing the limit not more than 5000 person shall participate. Does Anna ji is personally counting the people there and will be saying that “come tomorrow, show has limited seats and house is fully or supporter of Anna ji will be placing the HOUSEFULL banner”. This Nonsense limit should be answered by the Prime minister of India. or Commissioner of police, Delhi.
    At J P N Park people are not coming for some entertainment, we are coming for our rights, to speak, to protest and to save our nation.
    These corrupt people by imposing the Section 144 has clearly indicate that they are not willing that this agitation shall take place. They thing that this is Show of only 5000 people, they are wrong, it is show of honest Indian mob and there number is in millions not in thousands, they should plan to place section 144 in all over Delhi, not Delhi whole India, every house of India, as every honest person is going to participate in this.
    Nadeem Ji, Anna is in every home of India, If they do not listen to use than every Home will give Bhagat Singh to Our Nation.