Monday, August 15, 2011

Nonviolence gift from India

This article is to promote the word nonviolence with its literal meaning and effects. 

Nonviolence a simple word of English language which can do wonders. This word was used by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi to attain independence for India through ahimsa. He knitted India in to a mass movement and the British were forced to provide independence to India on 15 August 1947.

Meaning of Nonviolence
The meaning of the word nonviolence in English dictionary are:
1.   : abstention from violence as a matter of principle; also: the principle of such abstention
2.   a : the quality or state of being nonviolent : avoidance of violence
      b : nonviolent demonstrations for the purpose of securing political ends
at one place it is the philosophy and on the other hand it is the behaviour of the mass movement.

The effects of nonviolence
Many versions of the general philosophy of nonviolence bear an activist element, which is related to attaining social change. The best example of this is by the Father of the Nation of India Gandhiji through his Gandhigiri—name given to his style of nonviolence. He was impressed by the teachings of Imam Husain–the grandson of Prophet Mohammad PUH–which his confessed at the time when he started his non-cooperation movement with dandi march taking 72 members with him. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Husain’s principles can lead India to glory”. “He took 72 of his men to fight against the tyrant ruler and same I am doing following his foot-steps”.
His nonviolent action is also referred as civil resistance.

As introduced to the world nonviolence has with the span of time become the most powerful tool for social protest which does not lead to bloodshed but is peaceful and effective. Being impressed by the movement of Mahatma Gandhi Martin Luther King's adoption nonviolent methods in the struggle to win civil rights for African Americans, and César Chávez's. He planned his protest through nonviolence in the 1960s to protest the treatment of farm workers in California.

The "Velvet Revolution" of Czechoslovakia which led to the overthrowing of the Communist government was also related to the nonviolence movement popular as Revolutions of 1989.

The nonviolent campaign of Leymah Gbowee, the women of Liberia attained peace after the civil war which lasted for 14 long years.

This term has been the gift of India to the world and October 2, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi is observed as International Day of Non-Violence.

Jai Hind!
Long live India!


  1. Meena Singh
    Yes, it is indeed true that India has given this tool to the world for peaceful agitations. Long Live India!

  2. The quest for nonviolence is a worthy one.

    But do you know what violence is? Can you spot it when you see it. Have you ever considered that violence could be rooted in your mind? Could you unknowingly be swimming in violent thoughts - like a fish in water - without ever knowing it?

    We have been taught to think in violent terms - causing unneeded pain and suffering to ourselves and the people around us. Unlearning this toxic habit takes a lot of dedication, and must start with awareness - which we lack.

    The best antidote to our violent thoughts that I've come across is called nonviolent communication. If you really take your time - you could learn to change the way you communicate - with yourself and others.

    Learn about it here.