Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ATM system in India not effective

This post is to inform readers to carry cash rather than to have faith on the plastic money in India.
Axis Bank ATM close on holiday in Amroha

The banks in India are working on their own will. Banks have policies where the customer is being crushed under hidden charges but when it comes to service the simple statement is mentions—Inconvenience is deeply regretted.

I have been to Amroha my home town on 5 October 2011. 6 October 2011 was holiday on the occasion of Dussehra. I was in need of cash and in the morning of 6th I went to fetch cash from the ATM. To my surprise all the ATMs were closed even though it was a holiday. On the occasion of holiday it is the ATM which can be an easy source of money for the people as the bank branches are closed.

I traveled the whole city in search of ATMs and could not find even one working. I am a customer of Axis Bank. I was confident that Axis is a private bank and thus their ATM will be operational. But when I reached the Axis Bank’s ATM the story was same—closed due to the reason of no cash, as told by the security guard.

I called the Customer Care of Axis Bank to log a complaint. To my surprised the location of the ATM was not available as told to me by the Customer Care executive.

What is the use of plastic money in India when the banks are not taking care to stuff their ATMs with money on none working days of the bank branch? I went to the bank on 8th October 2011 and still the ATM was not working. I had to withdraw cash in it was possible through the open cheque facility of the bank. The reason has been mentioned in the register that ATM is not working.

What kind of services is being provided by the banks in India? I had to borrow money from my cousin for the expenses in the city.

Here the question arises that if a person is traveling with the ATM card and lands up in a town which is not known to him and the ATM is not working then what has to be done with the bank. He is reduced to the state of a beggar as he is not known to anyone and no one is known to him in a totally strange town. Should the banks be penalized for their insufficient services?  

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  1. Nadeem the time has come when we all had to realise that because of curruption in our country every one has become a senseless beast and when we talk of govt sector any department may be directly governed or under tie ups we always feel panic it is not only a issue of one town but every second ATM is in same position every where in india. It seems like because of fake promises of providing matchless services most of banks had installed the units where as the cash float services have been taken by private companies they work according ti there convinience. In amroha i had felt same issues with UBI SBI BOB CANARA BANK AS WELL PNB I had talked to the sevice providers sevral time and being told by BM of concern banks that our machines are controlled by our traillers as due to festivals high transections are made hence we got helpless in putting cash in our machines.One more thing I had noticed they do not allow other bank card holders to operate where as no such rulling by RBI is there.