Saturday, December 29, 2012

Females: Goddesses in temple; rape victim outside

This post is about the Delhi gang rape in which number 13 comes as unlucky once again. Prostitutes are respected on festivals but females are raped on roads. Read this post to understand why we keep close eyes to rape cases in India when our history is important.

It is said that number 13 is very unlucky. It is a thought process which is prevalent all over the globe and the people are so much horrified that in European countries there is no 13th floor, no street marked as 13th, no house number to be 13, etc.

Was it because that 13 number is unlucky that the Delhi gang rape victim succumbed to the clutches of death?

Now, we all will debate for some days on this topic and restrain to our daily course of life and will eventually forget that Delhi roads were silent spectator to a horrifying gang rape. Sorry not only gang rape but the remorse of the common Indian who is distressed in many ways. Common Indians all over the country both far and wide, from Kashmir (head of India) to Kanyakumari (tip of India), from the Thar Desert (western part of India) to Meghalaya (eastern part of India), were on roads, only because of this rape! No, it was the unrest which the Indian people have been facing at the behest of the corrupt system which has to be changed.

It is very ironical that during the past 13 days when the agitation has been on the roads of India demanding change in the law for rape, the incidents of rape happen as it has become a part a parcel of our daily life. The corrupt system which is at a snail pace is the biggest failure, reason being that the poor politicians of our country are busy in feathering their caps.

For us news about rape is life a cup of bed tea, we have become so habitual, just read it, talk about it, and then run on the track of daily routine as if nothing unusual has happened! We the Indians are worshipers of Goddesses and when a female is raped it is just news not a scar on our lives. We decorate the idols of Goddesses in our temples with expensive clothes, gems, and other decorative items but on roads we stay calm on the news of rape.
May be it is the reason to the greatest epic which occurred on our land—Mahabharat. In the court of Dhritrashtra his sons tried to molest their own sister-in-law—Dropadhi. The two main accused sons of Dhritrashtra out of his 100 sons–Duryodhan and Dushshasan–pulled the saree of their sister-in-law, in presence of all the courtiers present, none can to her rescue. But it was Lord Krishna who by his miracle saved her honour and the saree kept on increasing and finally Duryodhan and Dushshasan gave in, tired of pulling.

Now my perception–it is purely my thought process irrespective of mythological sanctity, with apology to all the fellow Hindus of the world–from this story is to be, that India has not see a female naked as honour of Dropadhi was saved by Lord Krishna, and thus we all are willing accepting these rapes in our society. We are all like Duryodhan and Dushshasan, or the silent spectator in the court of Dhritrashtra but none is acting as Lord Krishna, why?

Decoration of Goddess Durga (photo by: Indraneel Sen)
Other important factor it that when the idol of Goddess Durga is made on the eve of Durga puja, the private part of the idol is made from the mud which is collected from the red-light area to make the prostitutes part of the festival. If this is not done then the idol of Goddess Durga cannot be worshiped. This is the respect even for the prostitutes in India but what is happening on our road…Shame! Shame!

Making of Durga idol (photo by: Indraneel Sen)
Friends reply to your conscious, if this is the state of situation in our country then what will happen in the coming future. Follow Krishna–the protector–don’t act like Duryodhan or Dushshasan. Now all is up to you!

????????????????????????? (photo by: Indraneel Sen)


  1. True. It is unrest against the prevalent system in which public has lost faith.
    In my memory this is one of the agitation where there is no leadership but fully organised my people indicates solidarity.

  2. Pradeep Sir,
    I agree that this agitation is all about the unrest in all the fields and this incident has ignited the flame. It is good that there is not leader, and the educated people don't want uneducated, selfish leaders who would use the blood of this innocent female to dye their clothes in bright red colour, which for them will be another way of celebrating their success over her death body. They will leave no stone unturned to get the maximum benefit for their vested interests.

  3. Isn't it such a great paradox. On one side, women are worshipped and even adorned the highest possible positions in the country. But, for women on the road, there is no respect. There is something grossly wrong with the way we think and act.