Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Delhi rape ordeal a reality!

This post is empathy about the Delhi Gang Rape with real time questions for you to answer if you think you are human.

It was great evening when I was roaming with my male friend in the new town for me. I have taken admission in a law college in this big city. Traveling from a small town to the metropolitan city is always having an eye full of bright future and the dreams are so strong that a person is lost sometimes in day dreaming. Similar was my condition, but to understand the life and the etiquette of a big city was my utmost desire.

When I was going to start my journey from my native place my mother said, “You are going to a bigger city and you are a girl, see to it that we are not to feel ashamed of you in any manner”. This is the typical sentence for the girl child when she is leaving her house may be for education, job or even at the time of marriage. I used to wonder why the male children are not treated the way, we the girls are.

The big cities are better places for progress and future; on the other hand there are some problems in respect to security. I have befriended with a male colleague who is my classmate and a local resident of this big city too.

I asked my friend to take me for a ride around the city and he readily agreed for the same. We both selected a public holiday for my rendezvous with this big city. My friend showed me number of places in this big city. On way back home we could not get an auto, thus we boarded a private bus which came on the bus stop where we two were waiting. The fewer bus service on the public holiday and the arrogant auto rickshaw forced us to take this private bus which my friend said will help us to reach our destination on time.

The bus was not having any other passenger to which I objected but on request of my friend that this it is safe I entered the bus. Soon group of men sitting in the cabin of the bus who were drunk stated to misbehave with me. Before, I could retaliate, my male friend agitated but he was soon overpowered by the five men who started to beat him mercilessly. Two men dragged me to the rear side of the bus which was having tinted glasses and the curtains were also drawn on the windows. They ripped off my clothes and started to beat me with rods. One of the male who was high shouted to rape me. I tried hard to protect my honour but a feeble female was not a right match for the five males. One by one they raped me and I was no way in position to save myself. After the rape ordeal one of the male inserted a rod in my vagina. It was a tearing pain and I fainted. All male in the bus threw us (me and my male friend) from the speedy bus.

Both of us in semi-nude condition, the cold was unbearable and on the other hand pain was even more, not physical but emotional as the passerby did not came to our rescue. We were lying on one of the busiest road of a metropolis but were helpless. The passerby did see us in their headlights but what to say about the sorry state of people who are too busy to stop for even situation like this! Or it is the fear of the police which was restraining the passerby to come to our rescue. Only the poor have the heart which is full of emotions and three people came to our rescue. One brought a bed sheet to cover me who has been ripped of everything a female has in this world.

Now I am in pain and want to die! I have been the worst hit by this big city. But, why to accuse the big city for this, this is happening all over the world. Rape is a muscle game which the males feel proud off committing as they are aware that nothing will happen. A person who tries to commit suicide is punished if he / she fail, but what about rape? A male is sentenced to maximum 10 years in jail (in India), but for the victim it is a lifelong turmoil for no mistake of her, only that she is a female. I would request the government if they cannot announce death sentence to a rapist then the government should make a law that the rape victim can commit suicide which should be called legal.

I cannot demand punishment for rapist but I have right to demand for myself.

Just think on this:
1. Why the people are not caring for others nowadays?
2. Has the emotions and desire to help evaporated from this planet earth?
3. Is it really the fear of the police which is restraining the people from helping others?

These are the question which one should answer for him / her and evaluate where they are standing. Are they really human beings or rather they are worst than the wild animals, even they have sympathy for their kind. 


  1. From far, we can express our sad and shame on this. More shame for relevant authorities who think many times to at least help the victims, guess what about those authorities for taking action and punishing such crime people (judgement will be given after 15 years to put them in jail?) - will they take action when it happens to their own blood?.

  2. the rich culture India boast of has been buried deep. We have lost all morality. We are accepting the influence of the West very fast but have failed to match it with our mind set. We will have to agian invoke and take refuge to the rich culture of our past where we treated women with respect and gave them the honour that they deserve. Death Penalty may act as a deterrent but it will not solve the problem. We have to start from the begining, impating a kind of education that imbibes in the child from the begining the respect of human beings and women in particular who is our real creator. Education system would have to be extended to one and all with special emphasis on our rich values. The changes will then come slowly. Till then, i feel, nothing much is going to change.

  3. @ Mr. Rahmaan, I agree with you that the procedure of judgment is at a snail pace. This requires change.
    @ Mr. Ashwani, rape is being conducted by the generation which has grownup. How to educate them? I agree that education requires change but only fear of law will restrain people from committing crime.