Wednesday, January 2, 2013

World in its teens

On the commencement of 2013 the world has entered into its teens and it is our responsibility to keep our thoughts and actions as mature people to make this world a better place to live, above all to gift the best to our coming generations.

Before starting a debate I wish my readers Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013…!

Though this world is 2012 years old as per the sequel counting but none can guess the right age of our universe. May be it is thousands of years old or maybe it is millions of years old, this is not a debate here. The reason why we have to be cautious is that the teens are the time when brain is diverted to glamour which is most of the times injurious to the society.

We all have seen the worst in the bygone years, two world wars, agitations in many countries, killing in the name of religion, atrocities against the weaker sex / people / minorities etc. It is the negative aspect but we all have seen lot of development and discoveries also which have made our lives easy in one way and made us lethargic in the other.

It is the starting of the teens for us and in this time we all have to put our heads together and think as to how we can channelise our action for a better tomorrow. This is only possible if we drop all which is ugly i.e. superiority complex in every respect, be it on personal level or religious level or regional level or city level or state level or country level and so on. We all who are living in this world are brothers and sisters and this Earth is our home. This should be our thought process rather than hating our fellow human beings.

All the countries should put in efforts to the thought that we would like to have peace in this world and provide helping hands to the nations, people, groups, etc to rise to a level wherein they are let loose from the complex of being inferior.

Dear Friends, I am not bragging here like a leader but I am a normal human being who wants peace and harmony in my world and thus appeal to all for the same.

Live and let live!

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