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Nobody is aware why the concept of religion was required or when it commenced. Someone must have given the idea of religion, keeping in mind the positive aspect of it. As man is selfish by birth, with the span of time this selfish nature of man made him extract the negative points of religion and started dividing people. These selfish people are extremists. Ronald E Terry has quoted these extremist as, “Some people carry their religion on their back like a burden, when they should carry it like a song in their hearts”.
If we count on the blessings of the Almighty–for its creation–where everything is one, Air we breath; is one, Rain which gives life; is one, Nature which is beautiful, is one; Water we drink, is one; What we smell, is one; Fire which burns, is one; Light we see, is one; Soil which germinates, is one; Mountain to scale, is one; Winter, is one; Summer, is one; Autumn, is one; Spring, is one; Sun, is one; Moon, is one; Shining of Star, is one; Earth, we live on, is one; Our Soul, is one. When few above-mentioned things are one, then how can the Creator i.e. God—be many. Therefore God is one. Nobody believes this, which is the only truth.
Religion was what I think a beautiful idea of civilising people. To prove this statement my logic is the existence of the religious books, which contain the rules and laws to lead a good successful life. Man being jealous started criticising each other and thus religion that gave rule and law of good life became the source of hatred leading to the birth of good and evil. Only because of this reason Dr. Louis L Mann said, “Science has made us neighbours; Religion must make us Brothers”.
Study revels that it is not the religion but the followers, who contaminate the idea of religion. Mahadev predicted long-long ago to his wife Parvathi, “A child will take birth; his name will be Mahamath the son of Vishnuveesu by his wife Somthi. Vishnu is a Sanskrit name of God and Veesu means servant, thus the whole name Vishnuveesu indicates ‘The servant of God,’ which is synonymous with the Arabic—Abdulla, the name of Mohammed’s father. In Sanskrit, the word Somthi indicates ‘A trustworthy woman’ and in Arabic, the word, Amina the name of Mohammed’s mother bears the same significance as Somthi in Sanskrit” {Book Uttarkhanda sayings of Mahadev (collection)}. Similarity in all the true religion the Tenth day of the Seventh month is highly honoured. In Hindus on this day Pandavas got their liberty and consequently united their weapons from the Jimmi plant and prepared for regaining their lost empire from Kauravas. Dussehra is celebrated on the tenth day of the Seventh month. The Christians and the Jews call it the Day of Atonement or the Day of Sacrifice. The tenth day of the seventh month is tenth of Muharram, which is the day of importance to Shia Muslims. (Abid, the first month of Jews, corresponds to Rajab of the Muslims; and Naisan, the seventh month of the former, to Muharram of the latter. But during the time of Moses, the seventh month of the civil year was changed into the first month of the sacred year, and hence Muharram that was originally the seventh month is now considered the first month of the sacred year.) Prayer of Krishna; “O, Almighty, in the name of your creation, in the name of your beloved and in the name of AHLE (Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed PBUH) who will proof his miracle near a black stone of the biggest temple of the world. Pay heed to my prayers, destroy the evil and help the truth to prevail. AHLE! AHLE! AHLE!” (Ref. Book; Krishna Binti By Pandit Ramdhun, pg. 62, Shastri Pustakalaya Delhi - 1931). Gautam Buddha said to his minister, “You are aware that I believe in Bhakti and wonder in the forest. Today a miracle happened, a Great Soul told me that I have achieved Bhakti, and ordered me to repeat his name always to achieve whatever I desire”. He further said that his name was AILYA. “To meet him I should go to a sacred place, which has a cracked wall, here he will be in shape of a small child”. But that time is still far away. Buddha’s prayer to AILYA (Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed), “Lover of your beloved O AILYA, O the strongest, show thy miracle and help me, O the lion of the Almighty, the fox of this world are trying to swallow me, EM AILYA! EM AILYA! EM AILYA!” (Ref. Book Bodhya Chamatker by Mr. L. K. Bhatnagar (M.A) IIS, Ankar Pustakalaya Kanpur - 1927). In the book, Will of Buddha (Bodhya Prakash, by Bodh Shashtri Lal Hargovind Halogiya, Saraswati Press Bombay) the writer has referred to the Will of Buddha which proofs the faith of Buddha in AILYA (Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed). Lord Ram predicted, “The Greatest King will show his light and will have a mighty force, he will be wearing a Crown of five diamonds, the name of the biggest diamond will be ALIYA,” (Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed). (Ref. Ayodhya Ka Banwasi by Mr. Shankar Das, published at Agra- 1923)
India has been a land of different cultures, castes and religions. With all the years of Indian history there have been different rulers with different backgrounds, cultures and religions. Swami Vivekananda said, “We will and must go on building Churches for Christians and Mosque for the Muslims until we conquer through love, until we have demonstrated to the world that love alone is the fittest thing to survive and not hatred,” (p. 1888, vol. 3, Centenary Volume of Swamijis Work 1964) He further said, “Wisdom and philosophy do not march upon bleeding human bodies, do not march with violence, but come on the wings of peace and love and that has always been so…” (Ibid, page 273). Swami Vivekananda often talked about a Muslim Fakir Zulfikar Ali who saved his life once. In a letter to Sarfaraz Husain, Swamiji wrote—without the help of practical Islam, theories of Vedantism, however fine and wonderful they may be, are entirely valueless to the vast mass of mankind. For our own motherland a junction of the two great systems–Hinduism and Islam–Vedantic brain and Islamic body—is the only hope. (Letters of Swami Vivekananda, p 379).
There is a word in Hindi (हम) which means WE in English. If we transcript the same word in English we write it as HUM. I as a layman have tried to break this transcription as H= HINDU, U=UNITE and M=MUSLIM = Hindu unite Muslim. Even if we see the word HUM in Hindi, Hindu is written with , and Muslim is written with , therefore Hindus and Muslims are together. Same logic goes for Urdu where HUM is written as ہم (combination of two alphabets i.e. ہ and م). In Urdu again Hindu is written with ہ and Muslim with م. In the light of this my fellow countrymen awake from the slumber throw the blanket of communalism and see towards the languages, which teach us to unite. If the languages teach us unity then why slaughter of man by man on the name of religion. Think of all what is taught to us by the saints and fakirs of our land and stop the onslaught of humanism.
Nature has given us things as soft as Cotton and as hard as Steel. Cotton helps to clean our wounds where as Steel helps to create a wound. But on the other hand if we spun a rope out of cotton, it can kill a person by hanging; similarly the steel in the operation theatre stitches the wound of a body. Remember God has implanted two qualities i.e. Kindness and Hatred in human beings, now it is for us to kill a person through hatred in us or create peace in the country with kindness and love towards the countrymen. If peace was not important then it would have been after war in the dictionary.
My appeal to my fellow countrymen and the people of the world: if we see and respect all the religions in a same manner as we do to our own, create peace, love, affection and brotherhood on the whole. It will help in keeping ourselves united, the country to progress and further create peace in the world. It is time to redefine Indian Secularism and world brotherhood in the awakening of the above mentioned few references.

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