Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anna Hazare slogans

This is a post which is about the Slogans which Anna team is using.

The Anna team is having many slogans.

The whole crowd is making their own slogans, but the meaningful and attractive slogan is always needed.

Use this slogan which makes the complete sense to Anna’s demands.
  Some other slogans which Anna Team is using:

  • Kale angrezo Bharat choro!

  • Anna nahi hai andhi hai;
Anna dusra Gandhi hai!

  • Hu Ha Hu Ha;
Kapil Sibal chuha!

  • Kapil Sibal kaisa hai;
Bina dumb ka bhasa hai!

  • Sonia jiski mummy hai;
Wo sarkar nikammi hai!

  • Sare yuva yahan hain;
Rahul Gandhi kahan hain!

1 comment:

  1. what happend to you mr. anna, first check the corrupt people in your own group and then look at others. A mere law cannot eradicate corruption. corrruption is in peoples mind and heart. which law can remove corruption from peoples minds.