Monday, February 11, 2013

Reasons to be sent to jail

This article is about the change in the IPC which is getting strict as the people are not mending their activities and the courts are filled with many of non-serious cases.

We all have habits which are serious in nature, but we argue that we are not aware about the same. On the other hand the judiciary says, “If you say that you are not aware of the law, then it is not considered to be an appeal for letting you off. Ignorance is not an evidence to keep you away from punishment”.

Therefore one should be cautious on conducting few activities which may lead to jail in the present days as per the law.

1. Using of Identity which is not yours for getting credit
Now the courts have given directive that if a person is using the identity of a second person to get credit, then he / she is liable to punishment under the law of the land. This crime is considered to be first degree crime, which is usually committed by the children or the relatives who are freely using the identity of the second person.

2. Bouncing of the Cheques
Under section 138 IPC it is serious matter that a person is issuing a cheques which bounces due to any reason. As there are more than 50 lakh cases of cheque bouncing are pending in the courts, this law has been made harsher of the common people and now a person who has issued a cheque can be sent to jail along with fine.

3. Doing proxy signatures on the Cheque
It is a serious offence to proxy sign the cheque. But the people are committing this mistake some knowingly and some under a troublesome situation. Some people have the criminal bent of mind in copying signatures of others. Now as per the law this act has been termed as a serious one and the convict can be charged with cheating, forging, and unauthorized usage of property which is belonging to someone else and one can be announced with imprisonment for the same.

4. Fraudulent information on Loan Application
One has to be very cautious when filling an application form when applying for loan. If now the information which is being provided by the applicant is found to be fraudulent then the applicant may be liable for imprisonment, seizer of property, penalty fines, etc. The law has given the right to the lender to get the amount paid by the family of the borrower is the same is absconding.

5. To counterfeit Currency Notes
There have been number of cases being reported on the duplication of the currency with the help of the present technology. Number of times the duplicate currency note seems to be real, if not handled with vigil. If a person is caught with the fake currency then he can be put in jail for life time and fine as per the calculations of the government.

6. Marring the Currency
The people are having a habit of writing on the currency notes which they think is a usual practice. But it the past the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had issued the directions to all the banks against the stapling of the currency notes. Now to respect the currency in strict, one cannot write or defacing or tearing the currency. If found doing so, one may get into trouble and in some cases can be sent to jail.

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