Sunday, September 25, 2011

Delhi Traffic a problem

This post is to make people understand the problems which can reduce the traffic problem in Delhi.

The National Highway No. 24 which in Delhi starts from Nizamuddin Bridge is the life line for the people residing in Eastern part of Delhi. For past 18 years I have been traveling on this road. The construction of the new Nizamuddin bridge has reduce the traffic congestion on this road to an extent of 45 %. But the major problem is the policy of the Delhi Police which is not to make thing easy but to make the things more problematic for the people. The road leading from Nizamuddin Bridge to Noida More is having heavy traffic in the peak hour of morning and evening. The construction of the lope roads made people think that the future will be bright but in vain, the problem is still persisting. When the traffic merges at the Noida More intersection there is a heavy rush and long jam (photo attached).

Traffic jam from Commonwealth Village till Noida More

The reason for this jam is the Red-light which has been installed at this point. The heavy traffic which is coming in flow has to break down at this point. The Delhi Traffic Police has a reason that it has been installed to keep the traffic in good flow and also to help the people cross the road. But this was not done in past three years. Now when more people have started to use this free flow road the red-light has been installed. This is only to create problems for the people. For pedestrian the government could have constructed a foot-over bridge which could have avoided that long traffic jams.

Don’t know how many people will agree with me to the reason that traffic problem of Delhi is created by the Delhi Traffic Police, vote and lets make a survey for the same!    


  1. Nadeem sb, I agree with you. When the flyover has been constructed from Noida to Akshardham temple and no right turn allowed from Nizammudin bridge to Mayur Vihar / Noida, logic of having traffic light at Noida Modd is beyond imagination. To add salt on injury another traffic light has been installed 100 meter away from this Noida mod Light at NH 24 few days back. Now it take 30 to 50 minutes to cross this one and half km stretch from Nizammudin bridge to traffic light of Mayur Vihar Ph 2 at NH 24.

  2. Nadeem I am least aware of delhi as I visit often there.But traffic problem is not only in delhi but it is with every part of country.and it does not improve because of local administration.Now we have started living with this problem.Aur ho bhi kyu na ISI KO KHETE HAI ANDHER NAGRI CHUPAT RAJA.