Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rajya Sabha official's house burgled, MP and MLA not responding

This post is about theft in the house of Rajya Sabha official. The area MP and MLA are just not taking care of the residents of their area.

The East district of Delhi is becoming a crime prone area. There have been number of cases of burglary in this area and the modus operandi of all the theft have been more or less the same.

Indraprastha Extension area of East Delhi is the most thickly populated are which comprises of more than 120 apartments and is one of the posh area. This area of East Delhi is have the population consisting of elite people who are from all walks of life; businessmen, government employee, artists, actors, directors, journalists, etc. The area has number of entry and exit point which are unmanned and this is the reason why the gangs are getting easy entry to the hard earned valuables of the residents. No matter every apartment is having security arrangements but still the thieves are having an easy entry in the apartments.
Thieves entered from this window

Pradeep Chaturvedi is a joint director in Rajya Sabha Secretariat who is residing in flat no 234 of Sita Ram apartments of this area. It was on 12th October that he left for pilgrimage to Sridhi along with his family; wife Nidhi Chaturvedi (assistant director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat), son, and mother. As usual the keys of the house were left with his servant Ram Kumar. In the morning of 13th October, Ram Kumar came to the flat to get it cleaned with the help of the maid servant. He opened the lock from outside, but was surprised that the door of the house was latched from inside. He being puzzled called Pradeep and who in return informed his younger brother Ajit Chaturvedi to see as to what was the problem.
Ransaked almirah
Lockers broken open
The next door neighbour confirmed that their door was latched from outside when his son was leaving the house in the morning. They got their door opened with the help of the other neighbour. This somewhere can be related to the episode of theft in the very next door as the thieves might have latched the door for their security.
Beds turned upside down
No corner was left untouched

Ajit called the police and in their presence entry was made in the house. The house was ransacked, almirah were broken open and the beds were turned upside down. The locker of the master bedroom was broken and this was the place which had the jewellery of the lady of the house which was taken away by the thieves. The thieves took away 10 tolas of gold jewellery, artificial jewellery worth of Rs. 90,000, US$ 1,000 and cash Rs. 20,000 amounting to be a total of Rs. 5 lakhs.

All the rooms rummaged
The FIR has been registered but till date no clues has been found. Though the police have been interrogating number of people but still they are clueless. According to the SHO Madhu Vihar Police Station, Om Prakash Pawar, the police is doing all the best to nab the thieves but the clues are not paving way. According to Pawar, “Crime in the area is on increase and the involvement of the known person cannot be neglected. There have been thefts in the past 15 days in Bharat Apartment, Ashiwad Enclave, and Himvarsha Apartment, which all fall in the same vicinity and the thieves have just taken things which they can stuff in their pockets. The reason behind this is that they can walk from the manned main entrance of the apartments easily, without being checked”.
The similarity in all the thefts is that burglary is conducted on the very night of the day when the residents have their house on a journey. The thieves have taken the currency of the bigger denomination which can be easily stuffed in the pockets and they can walk empty handed outside the apartments. The other item which is centered in these burglaries is gold and ornaments, which are again easy to carry. One major reason is that the new SHO has just joined office and since the day of his joining the incidents of theft has increased. On the other hand SHO started night patrolling and suddenly the incidents have come under control, which raises a question on the involvement of the authorities in relation to crime incidents.

The Member of Parliament of the area Sandeep Dixit is the son of the Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit, who was contact to by Pradeep Chaturvedi regarding the series of theft episodes, but in vain. The MP is least bothered to pay heed to the problems of the residents of the area which happens to his vote bank. It is the moral responsibility of the MP to listen to the residents of his voting constituency but Sandeep Dixit does not have time for these pity things and is busy with is mother in beautifying Delhi with day to day announcement of new scheme for the benefits of the Delhites but without listening to their grievances. More or less all the major channels and the newspapers have carried the news of this burglary but till 20th October the MP or the MLA has not got time to visit the area or issues statement on the situation.  

According to the residents of the area these serial thefts can be the reason of the adjoining boarder area which is an escape exit for the thieves to the other state. The boarder area is always prone to activities of crime and the police should think about this seriously. 

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  1. It is very sad that our Public representatives have no empathy and concern for the peoples whom they represent after Election.

    I have sent 5 messages to our local MP but to my bad luck yet to get a reply from him.

  2. The role of MLAs and MPs along with. POLICE officials is always fishy. As far as police officials are concern in my views they have all the projected client list area wise made by the gangsters with the assined targets of achoevements
    No one dares to enter new in consined territory as the ares are watched by thiefs at day time and supported by police in thefts at night time.

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  4. Nadeem your blog is eye opener for public and residents of the area but unfortunately of the area has yet not find time. Mr MLA could find time to attend Diwali fete organised in Aashirwad encalve apartment today but has no time to look into problem. Don't know what to term it.

    Incidentally, still the incidents of thefts are ongoing. Today one incident happened in another apertment.