Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Discom energy device for energy saving in Delhi

This post is to inform people about the innovative idea of the Delhi government regarding the thought of saving energy.

The Delhi government has introduced low cost energy saving Compact Flourescent Lamp (CFL) to save energy. The Chief Minister of Delhi Ms. Sheila Dixit has launched CFLs just for Rs. 15 for the common people of Delhi. It is a positive step to cut the usage of electricity at large. This scheme is being propagated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency under the Bachat Lamp Yojana (BLY) started by the Delhi government in compliance with Discom North Delhi Power Limited (NDPL). There are number of problems in Delhi and this step apprently shows some ray of hope to reduce the power problem in this National Capital Region (NCR).

C-Quest Capital has promised to supply 2.2 million CFLs in the span of one month. The managing director Mathew Mendis said, “It is our projection that 2.2 million CFLs will replace the incandescent bulbs and it would save 1600 gigawatt hours worth of electricity to the monetary amount of Rs. 800 crores. This will not only save the energy but will also save 1.1 million tones of carbon dioxide by reducing consumption of over 2 million tones of coal”.

This scheme will be launched in Delhi under BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. in the south and west districts of Delhi. According to Mr. Sunil Wadhwa CEO of NDPL, each resident will be getting four units of CFL at the rate of Rs. 15 each in exchange of the working incandescent bulbs. When the project will be complete it will help in reduction of more than 65MW in demand for power in NDLP areas. CFL is an energy efficient and energy saving best alternative which is available in comparison to the traditional incandescent bulbs.
The CFLs are at present available at the cost of Rs. 90 to Rs. 115 per unit, but C-Quest Capital is going to finance this project to cut the cost. These low cost CFLs will be supplied by Yuvraj Singh Foundation in association with Energetic India. these CFLs are being designed with a extended life of 10,000 hours which is much higher to the burning life of the traditional incandescent bulbs which has normal life of 6,000 hours. Hope this project is monitored to make it a grand success.

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