Friday, September 30, 2011

Delhi traffic state of concern

This is a post indicating the traffic sense of the Delhi.

The Delhi Police is on the top of its voice advocating that there is not problem is Delhi in respect to traffic. But the story is quiet different.

In the morning the traffic situation is pathetic as the people are in a hurry to reach their offices on time. The commuters’ intent to move in any lane, breaking the traffic rule at large.

Some years age the courts of Delhi ordered regarding the buses—the buses will ply in the extreme left lane of the road. This was a good decision but leaving no room for the two wheelers to move on the road. Delhi witness most of the accidents of two wheelers which result to be fatal.

The four wheeler drivers complain that the two wheelers are moving zigzag in the traffic and thus become the victims. Yes, this is the reason behind but where should the two wheeler ply on the road, in the extreme left lane now registered for the buses or the other lanes in which the other four wheelers have their monopoly.

Delhi traffic should be controlled with better and innovative ideas and help the citizens to move freely on the road with ease. The politicians have no problem as they are having the run through and clear road to commute.

People should come forward and suggest regarding ideas which can help in maintaining harmony on the road so that the commuters have less of tension and peaceful traveling.

View the pictures of the main road connecting East Delhi with other parts of Delhi in the rush hours of morning. 
Morning traffic on road connecting to ITO from East Delhi

Morning traffic on road connecting to ITO from East Delhi

Morning traffic on road connecting to ITO from East Delhi

Morning traffic on road at Yamuna bridge leading to ITO

Two wheelers have to use the cycle lane in morning reason out for your self

Lane driving is safe driving for four wheelers only

Delhi traffic the nonsense way

Family is not cared for in the race to reach office

Where the two wheeler can move

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  1. hi my name is vandana jaywant r u rite delhi main traffic ka buhat bura haal ish traffic ne sab ko preshan kar rakha hai jaha 15 min legte hai main traffic ki wajaha se 1 hour phele nikalna padaata kar bhi sakte hai traffic police sirf challan katne main busy but no action for this problam