Friday, August 26, 2011

Promises are made to be broken: Dr. Manmohan Singh PM India to Anna Hazare

This is a post to intimate people of the promise that the PM made from the floor of the Parliament but could not keep to his promise.

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is in the ruling chair for the second time in a row. The country has seen the biggest scams in this duration of 8 years. Most of the time the government is making false promises and playing games with the public of India, befooling them of the law making procedures, or sending few ministers to jail to prove its credibility.

The voice of Anna Hazare raised the question of Jan Lokpal bill on 5 April 2011. To break the fast of Anna the government finally agreed to make the bill effective by introducing it in the Parliament. Instead the government placed the draft in front of the Standing Committee. The Standing Committee finally drafted a new draft of the Lokpal bill and tabled it in the Parliament on 8th August 2011.

This was opposed by the Anna Team (Civil Society) and he gave a call for hunger strike on 16th August2011 (read the link).

Yesterday, the PM of India Dr. Manmohan Singh assured from the Parliament that there will be discussion on the draft of Anna Hazare and the bill will be passed only after proper discussion and satisfaction of the people. The discussion was to take place today but eventually it could not happen to the reason that the discussion has to be intimated to the members of the Parliament through notice which was not done. In haste the Congress party asked its members to make the move for the procedure and they did it. The bill will be discussed under section 193 of the Indian Parliamentary procedures which allows discussion but does not permit for voting.

Is the Congress befooling the people by playing the corrupt games again and again?

Public has to understand the games of the government and vote it out of power next time if they are not getting the proper Jan Lokpal bill passed in the Parliament.

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