Monday, October 31, 2011

Security in the apartments: Private Security a failure

This post is to inform people about the security system which is a nexus where untrained youth from the villages are appointed to provide security to the residents of the apartments. No verification is done for them by the police.

 Living in an apartment is said to be a posh showing the high profile of the residents. The residents of the society are prone to theft and other crimes only to the reason of improper security arrangements.

Recently there have been cases of theft and burglaries in the apartments of I. P. Extension area of Patparganj, East Delhi. In span of 15 days there have been numerous cases of burglary rather now it’s on daily basis, and recently these cases are happening during the day time also. The modus operandi has been more or less of the same nature. Burglary was carried on the very night when the resident had left for outstation. This can be only the reason when this information in made available to the team of burglars instantly. The thieves have been carrying only cash and gold which can be stuffed in pockets and the person can walk from the manned gate of the apartments empty handed.

Security guard in I. P. Extension apartment
Police has been forcing people to get verification of the tenants done but there is no rule for the security guards. The system of security is much dicey in the apartments. Private security agencies just don’t have any knowledge of providing security and these people are the one who are taking this most responsible duty. Owners of the private security agencies are calling youth from the village of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc and make them security guards in the apartments and other establishments. Guards are provided with uniform to prove that they are official guards where as they are not technically or physically trained/fit to act in a given situation of theft or burglary. People of all ages are performing the duty of guards from age of 25 to 60 years. 

Security guard at Himavarsha Apartments in I. P. Extension
One of the agencies working in this area is Shubham Security Services who has contact with 16 establishments and has manpower of 70 men. The owner of this agency is Sunehri Lal Yadav who is taking a commission from each security guard to the amount of Rs. 500 per month earns a handsome amount of Rs. 35000 non monthly basis doing nothing. Most of the guards are just high school passed out, having no knowledge of English language. They don’t have attitude to tackle people, they cannot act according to a given situation. In the event of theft the police are interrogating the guards leading to no results but just proving the efficiency of the policing. It is really dicey to understand how these people who have no knowledge of security get license to run a security service under the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005  (sub-section (5) of section 7). Anybody can start a private security agency by paying Rs. 5000 for one district or Rs. 25000 for the whole state. Licenses are provided on what basis and is there any physical training required for the person performing the duty of security guard?

Another agency which is manning the gates of few apartments in the vicinity of I. P. Extension, Patparganj is Central Personal Security Agency owned by R P Yadav. Burglary took place in Sita Ram Apartment on 13th October this year and this society is being manned by this agency. The security guards provided by this agency are also of very low profile. Till date the Police have not been able to solve a single burglary when the gates are being manned by the so called security guards. Some of these private security agencies are also providing security to school where our future is getting educated for the best of education but with the least security.

Security is an important factor for a happy life. Home Ministry is drafting number of guidelines for the security of people but the real affair is very different.

The private security is always having some escape gates. Formula 1 race venue has been guarded by the private security personal and result was that a stray dog entered the race track.

Apartments are falling prey to this nexus of sequential thefts and burglaries, which has to be taken care off. Police and Ministry of Home Affairs should make arrangements of the residents of Delhi peacefully. Controlling Authority for the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 (sub-section (1) of section 3) is just not working efficiently in regards to provide proper security to the common people of the urban cities.

Is security only for the Ministers and the top officials? The common people are vulnerable to the crimes which is a mock towards the present security system. The monitoring body of the government is just drafting policies but where is the implementation? 

License of all the private agencies providing security in the region of I. P. Extension, Patparganj, should be cancelled under the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 (sub-section (13) of section 1k(i)). The cases of theft in the area are happening on a regular basis even though the private security agencies are providing security to the residents of the area, which is a breach in their working.

Read the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 (original version)

Read the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 (edited version for understanding)

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